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September 13, 2011 by USA Post 

CNN Tea PartyCNN Tea Party, Prior to the Spin Room was even set, the machines were back at work. More than 100 journalists from print, broadcast and the Internet gathered at the Entertainment Hall, Florida State Fairgrounds to see through the big screen TV debate among the eight Republican candidates for president.

Until a few minutes before the start of the debate at 8 pm, Hall of video entertainment food was the same CNN broadcast seen around the country and access to the adjacent room for debate was not available for most people with credentials.

But what journalists were, they would not have had if they had, for example, channel surfed between CNN / Tea Party Express and debate Monday Night Football, is access to the Spin Room.

A room with curtains out of the room, the Spin Room offers space for each candidate to aid the country dedicated to putting the best face on whatever man or woman, said or not said during the debate.

In the high tech world of Twitter and email, the tour was an early start.

The candidates have just arrived by bus and leave when the team candidate Mitt Romney fired the first salvo in what is expected to be hot topic of the night – Social Security.

“I wanted to make sure the following document was put out in connection with Gov. (Rick) Perry last refuge of Social Security. As you know, Governor Perry has questioned whether the federal government should still be in business pensions and suggested the responsibility be given to the states. He did not refer to any of these issues in opinion pieces he wrote in USA Today, “Romney spokesman Andrea Saul e-mail the Monday afternoon.

Perry contrasts Saul comments in an article Monday in the U.S. Today, in which he wrote: “The U.S. goal should be to fix Social Security, making it more financially sound and sustainable long term,” the September 7 comments in which he called Social Security a “Ponzi scheme” and his book “Fed Up” in which he wrote, “Social Security is something we have been forced to accept more than 70 years.”

Team Perry, in turn promotes the adoption Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Perry.

Jindal went right to work, echoing the line of Perry’s comments on Social Security.

“Rick Perry is going to be honest with the American people,” Jindal said less than an hour before the debate.

Romney was an endorsement of his own to announce, that of Tim Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota, and until recently a candidate for the Republican nomination.

Michele Bachmann asked his followers to see his appearance on Fox News after the debate and to spread the word through Twitter.

Perry Internet Staff formed a “Truth Team” to put out statements during the debate.

Minutes if they were at work, noting that in his book, Romney said people had let Amereican Social Security.

Herman Cain’s communications team set up an Internet radio CainCast to see the debate. Once started, put on their best lines on Twitter seconds after they were delivered. When the state of Social Security or not the state-as a “Ponzi scheme” emerged from the beginning, Cain’s website quoted him quickly. “No matter what you call me. That has been broken.”

Bachmann team did too. “We have to be an ownership society where personal responsibility, once again becomes the overriding principle of America,” was published on its website as soon as the words left his lips.

Before the debate, experts predicted that the field probe favorite, Rick Perry, for weaknesses. They can be found in making Texas Governor Perry and the mandate of cervical cancer vaccine for young women.

Bachmann and Rick Santorum scored points with the public calling the wrong policy and a working example of big government out of control. Team Truth on Twitter Perry replied, “Perry represents life / parents had the final decision on the proposed vaccine.”

Perry also encountered when the topic of tuition for children of illegal immigrants came up. Perry signed a law in Texas, granting the same. But as Perry answers seemed uncomfortable on stage, his bloggers on Twitter trying to undo any damage. “Bill had a component TX class of citizenship” and “Rick Perry signed the bill to keep driver’s licenses for illegals.”

All the money almost instantly makes the Spin Room obsolete. But not quite. As soon as the debate ended with the assembled press descended on the area, devouring quotes from a team back after going to the next.

Bachmann’s press secretary Alice Stewart wanted to emphasize the points of their candidate made on the issue of cancer vaccines. “She did a fantastic job in the debate. She was able to show a sharp contrast in particular with Governor Perry.”

Romney senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom responded to questions with aplomb a spinmeister. How to Perry? “He entered into discussions with the Social Security problem and left with a problem of Social Security.”

Why Perry seem to get applause from the terminal? “What I saw was not Mitt Romney, p**ping.”

What about the endorsement of Jindal Perry? “Governor Jindal is Governor Mitt Romney respects, but we are pleased to have the backing of Tim Pawlenty.”

Running a campaign is not meaningless, Cain served as its own message on the machine, talking to reporters in the Spin Room. “We are a country in crisis. I have a solution for each of these crises,” Cain said.

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