Cloward And Piven Plan

August 12, 2010 by USA Post 

Cloward And Piven Plan, Cloward-Piven strategy of political strategy, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, both social scientists and policy makers at the School of Columbia University Social Work, 1966 article in The Nation entitled “The weight of the Poor: Strategies for poverty eradication. 2 argued that many Americans who are eligible for welfare do not receive benefits and that the drive toward integration will create a political crisis that will force U.S. politicians. UU., especially the Democratic Party to pass a law “to establish a guaranteed national income.
Cloward and Piven article to force the Democratic Party, which in 1966 controlled by the president and both houses of Congress to take federal action to help the poor. They argued that the full scope of persons entitled to security “bureaucratic violations occur in the field of social security institutions and financial irregularities in local and state governments” that “deepen differences between elements of the great city of Democratic Republic coalition: the rest of the middle class white working-class white ethnic groups and a growing minority of the poor. To prevent the further decline of this historic coalition of the Democratic national administration will be forced to move federal solution to the problem poverty prevailing welfare of local faults local class and racial conflicts and dilemmas of local revenue. “They wrote:

The ultimate goal of this strategy for the destruction of poverty by establishing a guaranteed annual income will be questioned by some. Because the ideal of individual social and economic mobility has deep roots, even the activists seem to want to call the national programs to eradicate poverty, the direct redistribution of income.
The authors are pinning their hopes on the creation of violations in the Democratic Party. “Conservative Republicans are willing to recite the evils of welfare, and will likely be the first to raise a fuss. But more and more in political terms of the conflicts take place within the democratic coalition,” they write. White – a working class ethnic groups, and many of the middle class – is instituted against the ghetto, the poor, while liberal groups, who until recently said that the poor … may support the motion. With the conflict, writing a political crisis in the local party apparatus, therefore, has worsened as welfare rolls are mounted and the burden on local budgets have become more serious. ”

Michael Reisch and Janice Andrews Cloward and Piven wrote that aims to create a crisis in the social security system – through the use of the gap between legislation and practice of wealth – which ultimately lead to its collapse and be replaced by an annual income guarantee scheme. They hoped to achieve this goal by educating the poor of their rights to social assistance, encouraging them to apply for benefits and, in fact, the overhead of an already overburdened bureaucracy.
The historian Robert Weir argues that the original purpose of this strategy to lead to a crisis in the social security system, requiring radical reform. An article in The New York Times in 1970, studied the social welfare system and discussed the impact of the Cloward-Piven strategy. Howard Phillips, chairman of the Conservative Forum, said that in 1982, said that this strategy can be effective because “the Great Society programs created a vast army of full-time liberal activists whose salaries are funded by workers’ taxes conservative.” Robert Chandler said: “The socialist challenge to the use of the poor and disadvantaged sections of society as a strike force of sacrifice” in accordance with the Cloward Piven strategy, was demonstrated in 1975 when the new flood potential beneficiaries New York social payment of claims which may have contributed to the bankruptcy of state governance. “Other observers credit the city into bankruptcy due to poor management policies encourage” often due to short-term debt that left officials constantly struggling to repay loans.

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