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October 4, 2011 by staff 

Clarence Thomas WifeClarence Thomas Wife, Finally, several members of Congress have called for an investigation of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The Huffington Post reports:

“Democratic lawmakers on Thursday asked a federal investigation into the failure of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas to inform hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual financial information.”

Thomas did not disclose his wife’s income in federal way for 13 years. That “there were hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue from conservative organizations, including approximately 700,000 of the Foundation and Heritage between 2003 and 2007.”

The LA Times reports:

“Thomas said ‘none’ to respond to specific questions about” spouse investment income “annually – ‘. Subject to civil and criminal penalties” respond specifically “The purpose of the forms of financial disclosure is to provide information about potential conflicts of interest.’s groups give money to Virginia Thomas were the groups who “had expressed direct interest in the outcome of cases that came before her husband, including U.S. citizens against the Federal Election Commission, which the court in 2010 overturned the limitations on corporate contributions to elections. ”

More to compulsorily recusing a case that could not have been fair, chose to hide potential conflicts of interest and remain in the case.

What was the response of Thomas the discovery of violations of ethics? He wrote a letter to the court stating that the information was “inadvertent omission, due to a misinterpretation of the instructions for submission” – a likely explanation, coming from a Supreme Court judge.

Representative Louise Slaughter (D-NY), member of the Rules of the House, leads a group of 20 House Democrats to demand an investigation into the behavior of Thomas. They are requesting that the Judicial Conference of the United States, the guidelines for the management framework of the federal courts “. Refer the matter of Thomas’ breach of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 the Justice Department,” said Slaughter :

“The Attorney General would be the competent person to investigate the issue of non-disclosure, and that is why my colleagues and I are making this request before … can not determine the guilt or innocence, but can ask the government to do our due diligence in investigating a situation that catches my attention, and many other members of Congress, as suspect. ”

By itself, failure to report income from various sources, is not a major problem. However, Thomas was sitting on a tribunal, whose decisions have a greater impact on society of the decisions of the average American can not reveal all sources of income on a federal form. The question to ask is where there are cases that came before the Supreme Court in which Thomas had conlicts of interest because of its mysterious sources of income? Certain facts have come to light about the behavior of Judge Thomas to be evaluated in orderly answer this question.

Thomas attended events in January 2008, funded by the Koch brothers, and was featured on the promotional material for the Koch brothers “for events that sought financial and political support for conservative political causes.”

According to Think Progress, in 2001, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), “a conservative, business-aligned for reflection … Justice Clarence Thomas gave the gift of one to 15,000 bust of Abraham Lincoln.” When AEI presented three cases in the Supreme Court, “apologized Thomas [it] of any of these three cases, and who voted in favor of AEI been favored or took a position that was even more right in each case “.

Although it was Monsanto’s lawyer, Thomas refused to recuse himself when Monsanto filed suit in the Supreme Court in 2010.

These are just some examples that illustrate possible Thomas’ lack of neutrality in cases that are not inhibited. It would be one thing if there was only one report of possible conflicts of interest. However, in addition, these various cases of possible conflicts of interest in cases where Thomas is buried in the conflict, or simply refused to recuse himself, may indicate that deliberately decides cases on behalf of the organizations that is linked, and therefore do not decide the law in court.

If the most respected judges in America can slide for violations of ethics, the precedent is set. Those who are supposed to respect the law can not be above it. In any case, the rules for Supreme Court judges should be higher, as are the officers of the highest court in the country. This request for investigation into the actions of the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is the first important step to ensure that the law is upheld in court.

The timing of this application is also important because the Obama administration is seeking a Supreme Court ruling in health law. Thomas’s wife founded Liberty Central, a group that opposed the law. Considering Thomas’ conflicts of interest in current and previous cases, if the court will rule on the validity of the health care law, maybe you should apologize. Only then can the law be evaluated fairly.

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