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November 17, 2010 by Post Team 

Christopher Hitchens, A sudden dislike a man when he is down – and Christopher Hitchens, facing an almost certain fate of a cancer, is certainly down. But as he lived his life without pulling punches against those he felt (whatever standards he held at the time) to spew bullsht loopholes, pay tribute to his cherished principle in applying it to his own words.

? Hitchens has been given a sumptuous spread and almost entirely adulatory in The Observer this weekend, holding forth in his usual “young leftist apologist years was imperial” manner. There is not much interest in the interview, and I would have ignored if not for an extraordinary passage in which Hitchens demonstrates perfectly the self-willful blindness of those who end up worshiping at the altar of Moloch militaristic.

In defending his advocacy of provocation, the illegal invasion of Iraq – and reiterating his unwavering support and still glowing approval of this war crime in progress, Hitchens made this statement:

? “I am pleased that we are not having an inquiry now, we would [if there had been no invasion], which enabled us to Rwanda or Congo to expand in the Gulf, Iraq imploding right before our eyes, a whirlwind of violence and crisis, a society reduced to begging and fractured and traumatized, waiting to fall apart. ”
? Of course, what Hitchens does here – that even the speaker realizes sycophants – described exactly what happened in Iraq because of the invasion. It is in fact an excellent description of the fate of the conquered nation in the hands of the monstrous assault he has championed. ?

Yet he managed to convince himself that the rape of Iraq has prevented what he saw happen right in front of his eyes, year after year. Obviously, somewhere in his mind, he vaguely knows the truth is his brain registered the undeniable fact that Iraq has indeed become a “vortex of violence and crisis, a society reduced to begging and fractured and traumatized.” But the current reality – which came precisely because and only because of the invasion and occupation of which he still defends – was transposed into what he now believes were his fears of what might happen if Iraq had not been invaded.

This could be attributed charitably scrambled backward projection of the side effects of chemotherapy unhappy – if not for the fact that Hitchens has demonstrated this same moral blindness for years, perhaps since the time he was openly exulting in the 9 / 11 attacks, considering these mass murders of the glorious promise of a world conflagration – yes, indeed, a biblical Armageddon, “. A war to the finish between everything I love and everything I hate” The thought of such a tsunami of blood and destruction, which – and is – the consumption of the lives of thousands and thousands of innocent people had been “euphoric,” said Hitchens.

But it has always been with religious extremists. Hitchens may be moved from Marx to Moloch in his fanaticism, but the blind – not to overstate it – idiot accession to the doctrine of sacred violence (whether Trotsky “permanent revolution “or America’s Terror War imperium) remained firm. And even when he looks into the abyss last, he is dosing himself with pure illusion to avoid the realization of his complicity with evil.

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