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September 15, 2010 by staff 

Christine O Donnell, It is the politician in the headlines across the country, after beating off a strong Republican in the Senate GOP primary in Delaware last night. But for those just getting acquainted with Christine O’Donnell, who hopes to take over the former seat of the Senate, Joe Biden of Delaware, top team could be looking beyond the headlines of victory, and have a real idea of the work O’Donnell has done in his adult life.

MSNBC last night issued a video that talks about working with an organization O’Donnell hardcr abstinence-only, Salvador Alliance for lifting the Truth (SALT). And although the name sounds even more on top of the anti-religious academy True Blood vampires, salt was very much a real organization and a group that O’Donnell spent much of his life to obtain the ground.

As a leader with salt, O’Donnell was on national television to preach against masturbation, saying it was a sin against God.

“We chose sexual purity in our lives,” said O’Donnell. “Masturbation is part of sexuality. But it is important to do so from a moral standpoint.” Then goes on to say that masturbation is against the Bible, and that masturbation is like committing adultery.

If that is the case, then I think the world population of adulterers only increased by about 99.9 percent.

But while O’Donnell comments about masturbation seem well outside the majority opinion is its ties to the ex-gay movement to be the attention of many, too. In its current form, O’Donnell believes that LGBT people can be cured, and that through reparative therapy, gay men can learn to lead a life as heterosexuals.

That position puts her squarely at odds with the world’s leading scientists and doctors, who routinely say the ex-gay therapy is destructive, abusive, dangerous and inefficient. But hey, why let a little thing as science in the way?

The truth wins points this morning that O’Donnell’s ties to ex-gay movement are profound. As President of the SAL, O’Donnell helped facilitate an ex-gay program within the group, even bringing a staff member to work exclusively on ex-gay issues. That staff person was Wade Richards, who was hired to serve as the poster boy for the conversion of hmosxlity.

But not really work that way. Instead, Richards finally come out of the closet (in an Advocate interview, no less), and denounce the work of ex-gay therapy of salt.

“I’ve been through so much in my life now,” Richards said in the interview. “But the only constant is that I’m gay. I just want to spend some time being me.”

Wise words. But being openly gay and proud of it was incompatible with the salt and the work of O’Donnell. And today, O’Donnell still seeks the idea that gays can be cured with therapy and Bible study. And that is the executive director of the truth wins, Wayne Besen, calling her and support her campaign to do that work unscientific and dangerous.

“Christine O’Donnell is an extremist and was a staunch supporter of the lie that people can” pray away the gay, ‘”said Besen.” It’s time to apologize for hurting people with his program failed “ex-gay” and for pushing a lie that obviously worked. ”

The Tea Party held this morning, after knocking out another candidate rooted. But the mantra: “Be careful what you wish for,” says a lot about today. Because now the new face of the Tea Party is a woman who believes that masturbation is the devil, and that hmosxlity can be prayed away. Is that really the right person to lead the Tea Party to the next level?

Most experts and forecasters do not think so. You are writing the political obituary of O’Donnell in Delaware, suggesting that his opponent now in general election, Democrat Chris Coons, wipe the floor with her. That remains to be seen.

But if the average Delaware voters get the smell O’Donnell wants to go to Washington to fight against masturbation and hmosxlity, it is difficult to imagine a scenario in which popular support can act enough to win in November.

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