Christina Taylor Green

January 16, 2011 by USA Post 

Christina Taylor Green, RIP. The Life of Christina Taylor-Green began and ended on two darkest days in American history.

She was born September 11, 2001 – a glimmer of hope on a day of unimaginable despair. Last morning of Saturday, January 8, 2011, this 9-year-old third-year was killed, shot in an environment that allowed the anger to get the best of us and hard to take us by surprise again.

Was it the work of a madman vent to his anger, or that of an angry man mad? Jared Loughner is unbalanced? Or is he just another angry citizen, unable to express his beliefs without violence? More likely than not, the shooter was hearing voices in his head and not those of conservative activists on TV and in Congress.

Nevertheless, we cannot ignore what some say on television and in speeches, essentially challenging their supporters to physically fight in opposition. Media personality Glenn Beck has called for a revolution. Conservative friend Michelle Bachman Republic has urged his supporters to be armed and dangerous. And perhaps the most dangerous remarks came Sarah Palin, which target 20 congressional races this year, including Gabby Giffords. Palin called his “List Bullseye” and showed a map with a viewfinder on all congressional districts she was targeted. There is no error, the images here.

Palin and others have tapped into the anger and fear fueled by a bad economy and an uncertain future. We are allowing ourselves to the question of citizenship of our president with the exotic odd-sounding name eerily similar to that of our most feared enemy. The ability to spread misinformation to spread quickly through our computer screens proves that a lie repeated often enough becomes accepted truth.

On taxes and commissions of the death of citizenship and faith of our President, the purveyors of hatred unfiltered fuel our anger.

Saturday morning, MP Giffords introduced a gaming table in front of a supermarket to meet the concerns of his constituents – which may be the ultimate in a representative democracy. Among other things, a little girl came to learn about government. Now this little girl died, and the member is in a critical condition in intensive care.

What have we learned? We have learned that hatred grew out of control and that the environment of hatred, even if indirectly, leads to violence. We live in an era when the debate of how a mentally ill person could buy an automatic weapon is almost impossible

Another dark day in our history, the day Martin Luther King was killed and only a few weeks before his own assassination, Robert F. Kennedy said these words:

“We seemingly tolerate a rising level of violence that ignores our common humanity and our claims to civilization itself. We accept quietly the newspapers of the slaughter of civilians in the distance. We glorify death on movie screens and TV and call it entertainment. We make it easy for men of all shades of Mental Health to acquire weapons and ammunition they desire. ”

Little has changed. Our public discourse is once again a sterile shouting match. Right and left shooting dangerous gusts across the vast middle.

The non-stop coverage of the sequence is a symptom of our collective aspiration of sensational stories. Hurricanes and halves, corruption and incompetence and keep us glued to the television and the Internet. We became hopelessly connected to bad things and ugly.

The endless hand wringing and finger pointing is yet another example of the disappearance of a culture that celebrates tragedy. We look constantly while talking heads discussing their own importance when the discussions should be mental health and politics of firearms

At 9 years, with a love of animals and interest in student government is dead because we as adults have refused to lower the volume on the vitriol that has fueled the funds of the cable TV and the politicians crazy.

After President Kennedy was assassinated, his secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, said she would never smile again. Patrick Moynihan responded by saying: “We’ll smile, but we can never be young again.”

The bookends of the life of Christina tragically we say we will never be young again. And, unfortunately, will never know what it means to be old.


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