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October 14, 2011 by staff 

Chris Thornley Apple LogoChris Thornley Apple Logo, Last week, the Apple logo tribute to commemorate the former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, Hong Kong created by graphic design student Jonathan Mak long surfaced on the Internet and circulated shortly after passing the Jobs October 5, 2011.

Mak said that originally created the logo in honor of Employment tribute by Apple. He removed the logo of your blog, but reposted that when he learned that Jobs has died.

Its logo was seen on the Internet and is even used as a profile picture on account of Ashton Kutcher on Twitter.

And his blog received a large number of hits.

“During the night, my site went from getting 80 responses to tens of thousands,” he said. “At first I was very happy,” requoted of a news article on Yahoo.

But shortly afterwards, was brought to its attention by viewers online Apple logo tribute was eerily similar to one created by Chris Thornely, a British graphic artist.

Both logos have a silhouette image of Steve Jobs in the bite, but the logo is an apple Mak white on a black background with the “image slightly tilted, while the logo is an apple Thornley black on white background with Jobs Jobs image aligned bite.

On Sunday, Mak said he received a notice of Thornley’s wife, Julia, about the similarities between the two images.

Thornley acknowledged the dangers of the digital age and said he created the design in May, “because I wanted to celebrate the fact that someone who had cancer was still working, still driving and keep thinking positively about the future.”

He hopes to talk to Mak about the two designs.

Mak said he learned a lesson about the situation and says he taught him to be very careful what you say and do.

“With all the negative publicity they received in Hong Kong, who taught me to be very careful. At the same time, I have to be true to my sense of aesthetics,” said Mak.

Unfortunately, an even bigger problem even at the surface, both for designers: a possible lawsuit from Apple Computer in violation of copyright.

Although Mak says that he knew nothing of the image Thornley, designers are well aware of the Apple brand identity as the company sells its products throughout the world with their brand image.

Copyright infringement is a serious legal matter that most graphic designers know that when an artist creates an image automatically with copyright protection.

The authorship of a creative work that provides the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish and sell the work. Any artist who creates artwork automatically owns the copyright to that work unless arrangements are made before the start of the project for the transfer of ownership to the buyer, according to the Graphic Artists Guild Pricing and Ethical Guidelines Manual Edition 11.

According to Apple’s website on the unauthorized use of trademarks of Apple:

Logo of Apple and Apple-owned graphic symbols: You can not use the Apple logo or any other property of Apple, graphic symbol, logo or icon, or related websites, products, packaging, manuals, promotional / advertising, or for any other purpose except pursuant to a written trademark license from Apple, such as a distribution agreement.

Variations, takeoffs or abbreviations: You can not use a real picture of an apple or some other variation of the Apple logo for any purpose. Third parties can not use a variation, phonetic equivalent, foreign language equivalent, takeoff, or abbreviation of an Apple trademark for any purpose.

However, the designers deliberately undertook to modify an image and have established a new design and offer their own original work.

Mak and Thornley might consider hiring a lawyer in case Apple decides to pursue a lawsuit against both for copyright infringement.

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