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July 20, 2011 by USA Post 

Chris MatthewsChris Matthews, Add today’s discussion between Chris Matthews and Rep. Joe Walsh Hardball hall of fame of the most interesting political debates and in the face of all history. Matthews may set the tone by asking why Grover Norquist Walsh (socio Matthews’ sparring yesterday) was the leader of the Republican Party? Walsh dismissed the issue as a complete nonsense and began unloading on Matthews with a series of punches that were so brutal and powerful that it really must be seen to be believed.

Matthews Walsh wanted to know where were the cuts in the proposed House Republicans and why they were wasting their time pursuing a balanced budget amendment now that the country could go into default within a few weeks if the debt ceiling was not raised. Walsh said: “Where is the President’s plan Chris Matthews” and stressed that Obama was not serious and he was playing politics. Walsh also vowed that as a freshman congressman, promised to change the way we do business in Washington and that is exactly what Republicans are doing now.

With jokes aside (and I mean passive aggressive questions jokes flying back and forth between the two men means that the other had no idea what they were talking about), then the gloves really came out. Matthews interrupted Walsh’s answer and said, “Let me ask you three questions,” Walsh advised to “try one by one.” Then, when tensions began to rise, and as Matthews continued to suggest that Obama was trying to be the most reasonable in the debt negotiations, Walsh had enough and unleashed the word “tingling,” Walsh said Matthews, “The American people is beyond you, “and, unlike Matthews, Obama” does not send a shiver down my leg. ” According to Walsh, if anyone should be accused of wasting time is the president, who did nothing about it during the last six months.

And just when the struggle seemed to be calming down, both sides showed they were ready for Round 2! Matthews demanded to know “if we have a crisis in August he resign?” Walsh thought the question was so stupid that we use as an opening to launch a blistering attack on Matthews and his program. Walsh said Matthews’ customers to bully “and” that’s why people do not come on your program because it is childish. ” At this time Matthews took the criticism without a struggle, but presumably only because the segment had to end time, or perhaps because of the criticism of the media Walsh came completely out of nowhere. Either way, the last line of Walsh in the title role in decisions he showed that is sure to be a name that we will see much more, as he chided Matthews, “has to be more objective, but I love it.”

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