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June 15, 2011 by Post Team 

Chloe KingChloe King, The first thing I noticed in The Nine Lives of Chloe King is its similarity to the recent film I’m the number four. This could very well be a bad thing, but Skyler Samuels Chloe was much more interesting than the movie example above. On the eve of her 16th birthday, which undergoes subtle changes that have not gone unnoticed by her best friends. However, it is merely attributed to her desire to live a life that she has never experienced.

She can stand, without thinking, on the edge of a park bench. The guys around to find your irresistible suddenly, her audience has become very sharp and you can throw a basketball over her high school hallway.

To listen to your conversations with your friends, you’d think that Chloe was the biggest idiot in high school. But after her encounter, she is so fascinating that it is impossible to understand why she had never been kissed.

Chloe is cute, interesting and fun. I can only imagine the genetic code was kept on the radar to this day so special.

When a potential attacker scratched with nails to shoot in and out like a cat, you get the feeling that it is much more than its story of a few subtle new superpowers.

Frankly, the whole premise is like any girl’s dream come true. Least dying, of course. We all grow up with the magic 16th birthday looms as a gift from heaven, and yet rarely make any impact on life at all. Here, however, Chlole changes in the world.

She has always known that it was approved, but has a great mother Chloe did not lead to the question of her past. She was satisfied. But when a scary man, scars following you around every corner and … well, kill you; you start to question their past.

Born in Ukraine, is one of an ancient race called Mai, who once were revered, advising the pharaohs. Think of all the Egyptian paintings of big cats, the use of jewelry necklaces and crowns. They were allegedly Mai.

Then the bad news: A group called “The Order” is, after her intimacy with the human being is mortal for the second (if only she had not had to kiss 15) and has eight more chances to die while playing out her role as the enigmatic “Uniter” of her people.

El Salvador Chloe was born to race. There was very little information from her mother, but now that is 16 years old, her father sent an e-mail to let you know to trust anyone. That is a very large application with all the changes going on around them.

In general, the pilot episode is not the best I’ve ever gone, but the story is much more attractive than I expected. Samuels makes a very interesting, and I really care what happens to her and her two best friends, Amy and Paul, and her new friends, cousins?? and Jasmine mai Alek.

Something tells me all these characters, please do not be such a long time. How can girls who literally live in eight lives have four close friends? At least one of them will have to turn against it, or your trip will be easy.

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