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October 10, 2010 by staff 

Chhote Ustaad 2010, Malai Kanimanjaro \ ‘in the multi-crore Rajinikanth starrer \’ Endhiran \ ‘, said it was a dream for her to sing a second time in a film starring Tamil superstar.
A double Oscar winner AR Rahman composed the music.

Chinmaya, who sang the duet with Javed Ali, said she was initially feared that she did not know whether his voice would be retained \ “it was a great movie. \” I wonder if anyone one has the SPB (SP Balasubramaniam) sir singing in each of his films. But for me, I always wanted to sing in the movie Superstar s \ ‘and get my dream for the second time was a real blessing. \ ”

\ “And a song like Kilimanjaro, which is such a fun, playful track … sing the song was an incredible experience. It is kept in my voice was a blessing,” said the singer 25 years.

The number of drive picturized was a meek and a seductive Aishwaraya Rajini Rai, filmed in Peru \ ‘s Machu Picchu.

Previously, she had sung \ ‘Sahana \’ in the Rajini starrer \ ‘Shivaji \’, again with Rahman is the composer of the music.

Chinmaya, who sang under Rahman \ ‘s first-stick \’ Poove Oru Deviam Thande \ ‘- in \’ Kannanthil Muthamittal \ ‘a few years ago, “she said Rahman is still liable to make her the singer it is today and his recovery from total darkness that she once stood on the threshold.

\ “When almost no one gave me some songs, he was the only one. Yes I became a little emotional (while looking Endhiran) and sent a silent thanks to God and thanks to Mr. Rahman for telepathy that it occurs. \ ”

Asked about criticism that the film music is not the magic Rahman, she said: \ “How can anyone even define the magic word for me, not only as a singer who has been fortunate to sing his creations, like a fan and a rasika it is difficult to define the magic word, no matter what it says Oxford Dictionary, let alone its magic or legend is Rahman. Indians take great pleasure to celebrate a genius and then go blind criticism once the celebrity started to do the same. \ ”

The problem with the critics, or perhaps many of them are themselves are not clear on what they want or what they want, “she said. \ “Much criticism of the fuss is about Mr. Rahman’s post Oscars because it has achieved the impossible … \”

Furthermore Kilimanjaro, his favorite track in the film \ ‘Arima Arima \’. \ “I was very hung Kaadhal Anukkal as was the first title to be published. And Arima. And now the sound Chitti Dance Showcase, \” she said.

Asked about the “controversy \ \ Aabha Joshi about his replacement as host of Star’s most-show Chhote Ustaad Saibaba television movie, Chinmaya said she wondered if people even notice there to make a controversy.

She said that South Indians were very proud that a young girl from Chennai went on a Hindi channel. It was a great thing for people here. For the people there did not matter. \ “There was a lot of things going on with Chote Ustaad I think it was also in all media. This is not the be-all and ends all my life. I was very worried when asked to do so. Then, I decided to take to give him a fair chance. Also, there is a way I want to live my life, which adhere to certain standards. Anything that goes beyond that is not my responsibility. \ ”

She said she saw Aabha do anything Tapori and several other acts that would have been impossible for her to do so. \ “Just as if a lot of acting is the special involved. In Sholay, even children have acted more and singing less. It is a good thing I’m not on the show. Nevertheless, I am grateful Saibaba Telefilms to. \ ‘S not always a girl from Chennai is the occasion of this kind. \ ”

It was very rewarding two years for Chinmaya. She won the state of Tamil Nadu for \ ‘Sahana \’ number last year, Filmfare Award \ ‘Vaarayo \’ (music composer Aadhavan-Haris Jairaj) chartbusters in \ ‘Anbil Avan. . \ “In Vinni Thaandi Varuvaaya and now Kilimanjaro (whole year).

Asked if \ ‘Maiyya Yashoda \’ number with Javed Ali \ ‘hello Jhootha Sahi \’ re under Rahman, who is due to release Chartbuster would also, she said it was pulling good reviews. \ “Depends on what the Almighty has decided for me. I had a very popular Lamhaa called Madhno / Saajna composed by Mithoon who published some time in June and by mid-year, he found a place in the top ten romantic numbers 2010 and was praised. Yes God has been good and it was a good year so far. \ ”

Asked how different was Haris Jairaj \ ‘s music by Rahman \’ s, she said she did not know whether she had the talent or the ability to compare or even comment on a composer’s creation \ ‘. \ “For me Varayo is a particular song not only because he gave me seven awards so far, but the experience of singing with ji Unnikrishnan. Even as a listener I loved this song the melody. Gave me this. Widespread appreciation. “

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