Cher Dated Val Kilmer

February 13, 2012 by staff 

Cher Dated Val Kilmer, 2008 Number One Boomer Hots: Cher and Val Kilmer

After our intensive work with the Boomer Hot list is done, we hand it over to you, our dear readers. It is up to you to tell us who is the number one Boomer Hot female and male for the year. Last year, the votes came rolling in. We had thousands of voters and it was really fun. Our voters told us why they were voting for their choices and some of them we shared–as we will be doing again this year.

The voters spoke and to our surprise, two people who dated each other back in the day were paired as the n?mero unos.

Our 2008 Number One Boomer Hot Female is Cher

Cher came in first with Bette Midler ending as a very close second. It was a close race as their fans are incredibly loyal and show their appreciation by getting the word out to vote, vote, vote! Cher fans pulled through and voted their Goddess into first place.

Cher is Boomer Hot, hot, hot. We know, we shot a photo of her from behind in one of her costumes and had to Photoshop glare off part of her buttocks. Needless to say, we were up close and personal with it–and my goodness, 19-year-olds would be proud to have a backside like Cher. Her career has found new ways to refresh itself many times over the decades. Each time, surprising us with her talent and fresh new looks.

From her days with Sonny to her fab solo status and then her acting career, Cher is the ultimate Boomer Hot Woman. Not afraid to put herself out there (literally), Cher is the complete package; singer, actress, mom, and one hell of a dresser. Cher’s got it all. And, that’s not even talking about the men she’s dated. Which brings us to one of those lucky men…

Our 2008 Number One Boomer Hot Male is Val Kilmer.

Johnny Depp was a close second, but Kilmer fans all over the world voted him right to the top of the list and we can see why. Not only is he devastatingly handsome, his talent is off the charts. Kilmer is a phenomenal actor–even if the plot is not as tight as it could be watching him act is poetry in motion–an ah-mazing experience. You think he has more talent in his little finger than I have in my whole body. Speaking of poetry, he is also a poet and singer/songwriter.

Add to that, the fact that Kilmer donates an enormous amount of energy to his charitable causes such as V-Day, The Wilderness Center of New Mexico, Warehouse 21, AmeriCares to name a few. As well as doing kind acts of philanthropy in his community. He is also a staunch supporter of Native American Rights as well as women’s rights.

All this, plus he is a devoted father to his two children who are always number one in his life. And, again, we haven’t even spoken of the leading women he’s had in his life! Now, as Jay Leno once said about Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt when they hooked up. The same can be said of when Cher and Kilmer were an item–they are so Boomer Hot, who could they possibly have to fantasize about when doing the hokey pokey?!

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