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Chemtrails, You know Jerry Brown Democrat and Republican are Meg Whitman as governor. But you might not know any of the four minor party candidates … as the self-described “homeschooling mother, a concerned citizen and independent business woman” who carries the American Independent Party banner. Chelene Her name is Nightingale. But it is equally important as it is American Independent Tea Party.

The former actress and model has an independent streak and a sex appeal button down that’s attractive to many conservative voters looking for new blood. Nightingale mixed with a few dozen supporters last week at a fundraising dinner and a 50-plate in Pomona. Every penny counts in a campaign running on empty.

“I know how to work with a small budget,” she said, sitting in the living room well-appointed multi-storey house a supporter of Pomona.

Campaign contributions have come mostly in the form of small donations from individual voters. Much of that money is pumped directly into the gas tank. For months, Nightingale has traveled the state of his house in the Antelope Valley to sound a message of tougher border control, smaller government and fewer environmental rules.

“My name is everywhere,” said Nightingale. “This was done on a budget of $ 50,000. I knew how to manage a budget when I was in a production company and distribution. I know how to manage a budget with our own business. ”

Handling a budget has not always been so. Nightingale and her husband almost lost their business Palmdale air when their real estate investments went south a few years ago. They filed for bankruptcy; Nightingale said that puts shoulder to shoulder alongside many Californians recession battered.

“And that is why I am running because I can understand people, what they have experienced,” said Nightingale. “Actually, we made a trade in which I say that my husband and I are in financial difficulties and we lost our home and our dignity, and I do not want that to happen to another in California. ”

In campaign ads, Nightingale argues against the environmental laws will Does slow job growth. She wants pumping limits on the delta of the San Joaquin River rose. She supports the proposal 23, the measure to suspend AB 32 – California law historic global warming has approved four years ago.

“AB 32, it takes a little too far. We all know that” climate-Gate and scientists by saying: “No, we’re really cool,” said Nightingale. “We now have an act that is based on” We are not sure if “science. AB 32, if it comes into force fully, will destroy 1.1 million jobs, we can not afford to lose these jobs. ”

Nightingale can be a skeptic of global warming. But she is receptive to the notion of “chemtrails” – a claim by some fans of conspiracy contrails left by aircraft of many toxins are actually deliberately sprayed onto unsuspecting communities by an unknown entity disaster. Nightingale even appears in a “chemtrails” web documentary.

“And you just see these trails, miles of these lines zigzagging the sky. I saw with my own eyes.” It’s not the weather. What kind of society that are the engine of the aircraft? Who are the flying the planes? I’m not an expert, but we should ask questions. ”

People ask questions about the candidacy of Nightingale.

“Does she agree with our pro-life plank in the platform? Does she agree with our platform? We do not know, “said Markham Robinson, chairman of the executive committee of the American Independent Party. Nightingale – a former Republican – joined the party along with two factions fighting for control.

The Conservative Christian inclination was founded 43 years ago on a platform of lower taxes and smaller government. Markham said Nightingale simply co-opted the American Independent Party brand to stand for election.

“It is obviously unfair to our party,” said Robinson. “She is also qualified to hold office. Her views are unknown on critical issues and it seems to have been detrimental to the movement of border control, immigration [anti -] illegal, which is its main claim to fame. ”

Nightingale used to run the illegal immigration group Save Our State anti-. It dissolved shortly after Nightingale took the reins. Some former members accuse him of financial mismanagement – a charge it denies.

“When I became the Director General that they had like 900 members. I talked to over 5,000. I’ve been national and international media.”

Nightingale said dissolution SOS had more to do with ego and members compete to scuttle the basic mission of the group. Nightingale said she and SOS founder Joseph Turner may try to resurrect the group in the future.

Nightingale is also, unsurprisingly, drawing the fire of moderate Republicans who say it will siphon off precious votes Meg Whitman, who is a fairly tight race with Democrat Jerry Brown. But the Republican party may have lost votes already.

“Democrat, Republican right, just two heads of the snake as far as I’m concerned,” said defender Ryan Nightingale Banderas. Frustrated by choice for governor this year, Banderas was ready to vote for himself as a write in candidate countries until he discovers Chelene Nightingale. He attended the fundraiser last week in Pomona learn more about the candidate.

“We really need something different so that the number of people for such third parties are going to be increasing. There is an alternative on the market. You must create a dynamic somehow, some way. And I suppose that’s why I’m here tonight. ”

And why Chelene Nightingale tank of the car again and head to Sacramento and San Francisco for the candidate debates this week.

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