Charlie Sheen Roast

July 5, 2011 by Post Team 

Charlie Sheen RoastCharlie Sheen Roast, Charlie Sheen! OMG! Jack is back … my favorite Sheen for a country mile, even if I shot his father out of bed for eating crackers. He learned that Comedy Central roasts Charlie Sheen, and I’m not talking about honey-roasted peanuts that my husband, Georgie Girl-Santiago chokes on. They will be hitting, insulting, and more!

The roast will be recorded in Los Angeles on September 10, but why wait? I came to World of RSR and sifted through 11 million e-mails I’ve received to compile one of the first Charlie Sheen roast. So here is the RSR CHARLIE ROAST SHINE!

“Sheen is a great man, but not Steve Farhood and Don Gorske, my two idols. Sheen, I have the truth torpedo hanging” -. Jim Minkler

“This is a kind of e-mail/Roast mixed review. The good news – I wanted to congratulate the rapid increase in 2011. We hope to be able to keep it going in 2012 and beyond. The bad – you did that interview TMZ … I realize I’m on the outside looking in, but regardless of what you and your story goddesses, the things you put there it was totally bush league. You cannot call the center and Two and a Half Men how is the game with class and respect, the same throw a cat under the bus and “-. Donaldson Jerk

“I do not owe an explanation that f’ing a $ $ hole. I guess you missed my comments on two and half men, the company in threes, Jake and the fat, and the list goes on. I have only mentioned those programs to show small puncture f’ing sh*t talk to me, I have some credibility Sheen tan, that’s all. Specificities that also boasted of it either.’ll tell you something that stupid ass if you do not like to hear what I have to say that this roast don’tf’ing read it. I’m not your typical sit on my hands the type of toast, and not let people take pictures unjustified to me, except in a barbecue Jack Mars. You is no exception whether you clown “- Jack Mars

“Listen, you sick son of a bit*h, Sheen. Who the hell do you think you are? Who the hell asked him to send a DVD of his show to my house? I tell you what I have been in contact with the call that falsely claims to represent CBS and I have been notified that work there and are falsely with their fixed, which is a felony. Now, I’ll give your email address to the police and have them trace the origins of your computer to find out where. If after the comment of my name, I will contact the FBI, because my friend will be the subject of mail fraud, even if by email. So do me a favor and stick to your TV in the ass “-. Martin Impostor

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