Celebrity Apprentice Recap

May 2, 2011 by Post Team 

‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Recap, Passivity and laying down only going to get so far in “Celebrity Apprentice”, particularly when 800-pound gorilla in the room and Star Jones, Donald Trump and his children and Leakes Nene.
The episode last night was cut short with the successful “America killed Osama” news, and taking into account the POTUS back and forth between Obama and The Donald, who seemed karmic.
The show last night was a hodgepodge of men with prostate problems urinating (Meat Loaf live in the can) Lil Jon is working attitude too cold ice queen nerve Ivanka Trump (still needs a new makeup) and flash point John Rich of brilliance in the memory of the beautiful Niki Taylor, who worked for the Backbone as a model team in the challenge of the night, Farouk Hair Care.

Both teams were responsible for putting on a hair program, and during the sales pitch in the beginning, Nene gone mad with Star Jones, and Nene had bitten when LaToya and had a gig full of elitist lawyer Jones “I’m an educated black woman “put down.

Now, Trump mirror stars in their preference for the types of the Ivy League education and puts more stock in sheep’s clothing of someone of his ability. It is a very elitist, and has never shied away from that fact.

Jones is the city mouse, a lawyer for “educated”, but life has a funny way of evening the playing field, even when the odds are not so fair. Street Smart Nene country mouse is thick, not book smart, but she is not fictional. The two women have huge chips on their shoulders, but Nene has the advantage of height.

And everyone knows in the business of dog-eat-dog, it’s better to be taller than the shortest.

Hope Dworaczyk ultimately becomes, as Trump and his descendants continue to return to it as a cog in the wheel ineffective team ASAP.

Star baby and blow up on one side, Jones did his job and he bit his tongue, but his eyes shone like diamonds of coal in a look of hatred that ghetto fabulous 1000 words said Nene, who is as subtle as a nde dancing.

“Where is Barbara Walters now?” Leakes (project ASAP) hit Jones in the opening scene.

Backbone team goes to a reluctant Lil Jon.

Team as soon as you think of the primitive streak, “Shake Your Beauty.”

Men go to America and came up with a patriotic-themed event (given the news of the evening was a great time.) John Rich called Niki Taylor, who had been fired weeks ago. She’s in!

The big twist of the evening was that of La Toya Jackson Mulligan, who requested a review and the opportunity to be back on the show. Now is Located in the backbone of the team.

Trump, in one of the most shocking asides, met LaToya pants as she leaves the room.

Nene Dworaczyk complaint and then say they prefer to shop, and is tired of being the model output. After last night’s runway, where the hair was exactly like the “monster” interesting interesting hair “Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes character, hope will never be asked the model of anything anymore unless its moneymaker and tts are visible.

The women lost what should have been theirs, and men will probably lose next Meat Loaf as his health is precarious that follow me. Left in the boardroom is Leakes, Jones and Hope Dworaczyk. Esperanza took a ride in the car for the city interesting.

So why are we watching this yet? Who is next in your opinion? Do you like Nene or you star of the team?

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