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May 2, 2011 by Post Team 

Celebrity Apprentice May 1, Niki Taylor returned to help men and Nene Leakes Celebrity Apprentice Star Jones exploded. Who was fired on Celebrity Apprentice last night (May 1, 2011)? The last episode of Celebrity Apprentice began with a bang worthy of a Fourth of July fireworks. The teams met Mr. Trump and found out this week’s task would be to mount a live show with hair Farouk Hair Products System.

Men, through a game of rock, paper, scissors, Lil Jon chose as director of the project. When Donald Trump called on women to be Nene Leakes the PM said, “Star thinks should be the project manager for what will be.” She goes on to explain that Star suggested that the PM right from the start that morning. Star shrugs and says that Nene is the only one who has not won any money for her charity, so this was an opportunity for her to do that. This is when the Monte Nene finally burst. She has been hinting that throughout the season and was now underway. She screamed with all speed to the Star, saying he was manipulative and basically telling the world what a horrible human being he was. At a time when Star said that educated people talk about their differences Nene yelled best bring your “street game.” Star looked a little worried that Nene could actually throw some punches. Trump and all the other floors. It was a verbal blow from the epic that will be remembered the famous apprentice.

When teams are separated and how the draft LaToya Jackson went to see Donald Trump. She told him she thought he was unfairly thrown out of the series and wanted to return. Trump said he would think and let you know within 24 hours.

Celebrity Apprentice The men came up with an idea, went to work and pulled off a move murderer. John Rich calls the wife of former team member Niki Taylor and asked if he would be one of the hair models. She agreed. Lil John, meatloaf and John Rich have zero drama between them and work well together.

On the women’s side could cut the tension with a knife, but eventually came up with a plan and Nene Leakes delegate jobs to each person.

The next day, when women are at Niki Taylor was helping the men were not very happy and everyone in the project Nene Leakes and Star Jones were busy explaining how they made sure to blame each other if they lost.

When he got to the current presentation of women Celebrity Apprentice began with a bang, with a number of dance, music and striking a good introduction, but Nene was not well received and began to fall flat, then finished with a low score. The men show started a little slow, but Lil Jon is going and soon people came rolling. Its theme has women all over the country with Niki Taylor and central Texas cowgirl. Finished as a rock concert with everyone standing and jumping around throwing balls.

In the boardroom Donald Trump addressed the battle between Star Jones and Leakes Nene. Nene said that Star is the manipulation of everyone and hope Dworaczyk is their puppet. I hope that denies and says he does not like the theater and do the work tasked by the project director. Star basically said Nene is trying to cover her own ass.

Donald Trump then announced that the men were the winners. LaToya Jackson then brought back and announced that it will join the men’s team.

Then the men go, the battle of the boardroom Celebrity Apprentice Star and Nene started throwing each other on the bus. Finally, Trump has Nene elect two people to carry with her into the boardroom and she selected galaxies and hope. After more heated exchanges of both the galaxies and Nene agreed that if they could get more than the animosity between them is that it would be a tough team to beat. Somehow in all this drama Hope Dworaczyk was thrown under the bus. She is more calm and tried to defend himself, but to no avail and he was fired.

As Celebrity Apprentice came to an end, Nene Leakes told Star Jones wanted to talk to her. Star said: “Not here”, pointing at the camera and took Nene in a room. As the door closed we saw the two women come together. It seems a truce on the horizon, but judging by the previews of next week, will not last long.

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