Celebrities Super Injunctions

May 11, 2011 by Post Team 

Celebrities Super InjunctionsCelebrities Super Injunctions, The right to privacy in the British press was under intense scrutiny today after a Twitter user released the names of celebrities who allegedly obtained court orders to prevent identification.

UK privacy laws were thrown into chaos after the publication on the website of micro-blogging of the names of celebrities thought to have obtained the so-called super-injunctions to hide personal scandals.

This meant that while newspapers and other British media are prohibited from disclosing the identity of a player, a top actor and celebrity, potentially hundreds of thousands of Twitter users have read their names.

Mark Stephens, a prominent media lawyer, said he was “very uncomfortable” about the super-injunctions.

“When you have a super-order, you have secret justice, one could say injustice, and also has evidence before the court can not be questioned,” he told the BBC.

“We can not have players going to court, getting super-orders so that their wives and girlfriends not to know of their affairs, and sexual health is potentially compromised. This is untenable.”

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, said he felt “uncomfortable” about some of the commandments, but blamed Parliament for failing to discuss the issue, allowing orders to fill the void to be filled by suitable legislation intended.

Privacy row deepened on Tuesday when the European Court of Human Rights dismissed a lawsuit filed by former World motorsport chief Max Mosley intends to impose new restrictions on the press after he became embroiled in a sex scandal.

Mosley argued that British law failed to protect their privacy and requested a change in the law that would force newspapers to notify individuals before their privacy is violated in the stories.

The 71-year-old has already won a case in a British court against the News of the World tabloid after it alleged he had taken part in a “sick Nazi orgy with five prostitutes – a British judge found no evidence of a Nazi the subject.

Commentators warned that if Mosley had won his case in Europe, the effect would have been to further increase the use of precautionary measures requested by the rich and famous, once it had been informed that they would be telling.

Mosley, however, argued that his case was “whether the newspapers should have the right to present very specific aspects of the lives of people that no public interest at all -. It’s just purely excited and selling newspapers”

He said there was “a gap in the law that should have been closed.”

But Stephens said if the Strasbourg-based court ruled in favor of Mosley, who has been working in the most serious human rights groups like Amnesty International, Global Witness and Greenpeace accuse individuals of misconduct.

Organizations have their headquarters in Britain.

“They are making adequate collection of research information for the benefit of society and they have been frozen,” said Stephens.

“They have no money like Max Mosley, to go to court to defend himself.”

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke said there was a need for a serious debate about the right balance between a person’s “undoubted right to privacy” and freedom of speech and expression in a country that their cherished freedom of the press very high.

“But there is a terribly easy answer,” Clark told BBC Radio. “The Court of Human Rights appears to have decided that only think that the British have the right balance at the time.”

British judge second highest ranking, David Neuberger, known as the Master of the Rolls, is expected to release recommendations this month on curbing the use of super-injunctions.

The dispute over privacy is carried out, and it was confirmed that Prince William and his new girlfriend, Catherine had gone to their honeymoon after their wedding on April 29.

The journey to a destination without notice is the first test of the behavior of the British media in the way of the actual wedding.

The royal family has warned it will take action against any media outlet that seeks to pursue the couple.

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