Caylee Anthony & Drowning

May 25, 2011 by staff 

Caylee Anthony & DrowningCaylee Anthony & Drowning, Prosecutors and defense counsel of the Florida mother accused in the death of her daughter 2 years old, each one presents new theories, very different from how the child died in Casey Anthony’s trial began Tuesday.

For the first time, prosecutors said Caylee Anthony died three pieces of tape placed over the mouth and nose, while a defense attorney claimed the boy’s mother drowned in the family pool and the girl’s grandfather helped to cover up the accident. Casey Anthony, 25, is charged with first-degree murder. If convicted, he could be sentenced to death. The autopsy could not conclude the cause of death of Caylee. Casey Anthony waited a month before telling her mother that Caylee was gone during the summer of 2008, and that was only after her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, had recovered a car Casey had been driving, prosecutors said. The vehicle, the grandparents collected from a towing lot in the interior had a foul odor.

During Caylee was missing, the prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick told the jury that Casey went shopping, visiting friends and hung out with her boyfriend. Between each a description of how Casey spent her time, Burdick said, “Where is Caylee Marie Anthony?”

He described the Internet searches done on a computer at her home in Casey showed consultations for chloroform, neck breaking and alcohol.

Prosecutors said Casey Anthony everything he did was based on a web of lies and that the evidence points to it as the murderer.

“Casey Anthony … seems to be … a loving mother trying to support her daughter,” said Burdick. “But as the evidence in this case is presented, it was an illusion.”

Casey said earlier a baby sitter kidnapped the girl, but her lawyer suggested a different set of facts during his opening statement.

Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez, said her father as a child abused him, George Anthony refused a claim on the witness stand. George Anthony also told the jury that Caylee did not die at home, and denied the disposal of her body and putting tape on her face.

“I would have done everything possible to save my granddaughter, if what you said happened, happened,” said George Anthony, the only witness to testify so far.

Baez also said Casey’s brother has made advances toward her and gave her a paternity test to see if he was the father of Caylee. All secrets finally led to the drowning of Caylee cover, said Baez.

“You will know that a family is dysfunctional,” Baez said. “Ugly things. The secret things.”

Baez said Caylee and her grandmother swam most of Father’s Day June 15, 2008, and suggested that Cindy Anthony forgot to pull down a ladder that prevented the child from climbing into the pool on its own. Baez suggested that Caylee got in the pool the next day, when nobody was looking.

The family panicked and anxious not to call police, said.

“Casey should have called 911. That’s what she is guilty; she is not guilty of murder. This is not a murder case,” Baez said.

Prosecutors offered a timeline on the whereabouts of Casey based on cell phone records. It extended from the time Caylee was last seen by her grandparents until Casey Anthony told her mother in mid-July 2008 that Caylee had been missing for a month.

Jurors were shown images on a screen a picture of Caylee taken on Father’s Day with an image of the girl’s skeleton remains.

For a long opening speech, said George Anthony Baez planted tape matching the brand found on Caylee’s mouth in a way that would implicate Casey.

“George Anthony took certain steps to make sure he was so far from this situation and Casey end up taking the blame for this,” Baez said.

A meter reader found Caylee’s remains, some as small as a pebble in a wooded area in December 2008 about a half mile from where the child lived. His skull was covered with tape that had residues of a heart-shaped sticker on it.

Baez was asked if the meter reader, Roy Kronk actually found the bones of Caylee where she said yes, or if you moved from another location. Baez did not explain that Kronk could have first discovered the remains.

Baez also blamed for damaging the police investigation, based on detectives wanted to feed a media frenzy about a mother killing her child instead of investigating a drowning mundane.
Police ‘had murder on their minds. This cannot be an accident, “Baez said. “You will find that professional police work took a back seat in this case.”

Casey was emotional all day, crying and wiping her nose periodically with a tissue.

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