The Corre

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The Corre, This Friday in Smackdown Ex Nexus Leader Wade appears with his new Group members, He announced the name of his group ‘The Corre’. And GM of Smackdown attacked by someone. Overall this Smackdown goes not much good at all. Wrestle Heat Posted that This week’s show starts off with Wade Barrett’s comments from last week along with footage of his fall from grace from Raw and his new beginning on Smackdown as he faced Big Show and the formation of Nexus Classic with Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, and the newest member, Ezekiel Jackson. Then we see the impact that Jackson made when he slammed the giant.

We are live on tape from Tulsa, Oklahoma and your announcers are Michael ‘Can I say stuff three times to anger Jim Ross’ Cole, Josh ‘Can I teach the people on Tough Enough how to do a moonsault’ Mathews, and Matt ‘Snow Days’ Striker.

Wade Barrett comes to the ring along with Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, and Ezekiel Jackson. Barrett says that it gives him great pleasure that the Big Show will not be here tonight. Wade says that he wants to take this time to introduce themselves to the Smackdown audience. Wade says that for the last six months he assisted revolutionizing Raw as the leader of the Nexus. That was until the group summarily dismissed him. Since that day, he has come to learn the error of his ways. It never should have been all about him. It should have been about the entire group. Wade says that is what this is all about. This is the Corre.

Ezekiel Jackson introduces himself and he says that Teddy Long has been hyping his appearance on Smackdown for a number of weeks. Jackson says that he is a proud member of the Smackdown brand, but he is extremely proud to be a member of The Corre. Heath Slater introduces himself and he reminds us that he is the One Man Rock Band. Nexus was so dominating because of him. Heath says that you haven’t seen anything yet.

Justin Gabriel introduces himself to the Smackdown audience and he says that he is from Cape Town, South Africa. He now calls Smackdown his home and the Corre is his family. Now everyone can watch him deliver the most spectacular move in the WWE, the sternum crushing 450 splashes. Wade says that for the people who saw the chaos and destruction that the original Nexus caused, it will pale in comparison to what the Corre will achieve.

Teddy Long comes out and he does not announce that he is part of the Corre. He wants to stop things before they go any further. Teddy says that he is not naïve. He knows that things may happen that he does not like. Teddy says that they need to know that before they come out and making grandstands about taking out everything that they see, he is still the general manager and he is in charge. If they are going to start playing outside the rules, they have a problem.

Wade wants to know why Teddy is so hostile because they do respect him as the authority figure on Smackdown. He says that the Corre is here to assist them. Wade says that all of them will be in the Royal Rumble representing Smackdown. If they are going to represent Smackdown, it is because they want to work with Teddy, not against him. He wants Teddy to be able to say that he was in charge of Smackdown when Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater came together to form the Corre.

Teddy says that they call themselves the Nina, the Pinta, or the Santa Maria. He says that he saw what they did on Raw and Teddy says that he wasn’t born yesterday. He is not going to buy them saying that they are working together. Teddy will not watch Wade Barrett lead these men . . . Wade interrupts Teddy and says that he never said that he was leading these men because the Corre has no leader. They are about equals.

Teddy says that he is not an anonymous general manager and a chirping computer. He will not let them bring what they did on Raw to this show because they have the numbers. Last week, they ganged up on the Big Show and that was the first time they came together on Smackdown. It is the last time that they will do that. Ezekiel says that they are disappointed that Teddy did not welcome them to Smackdown with an open mind because they can take Smackdown to a different level.

Teddy says that they can all be cool as long as they play within the rules. If they don’t, the only room he has for negotiating is that you can either like Smackdown . . . or you can leave it. Alberto Del Rio drives into the arena and then he comes to the ring as golden pyro falls behind him. He says that he knows those guys are new on Smackdown so he is going to introduce himself to them. He says that they already know who he is. They are welcome on Smackdown, but there is something that they need to know. He says that this is his show and he is the man who is going to win the Royal Rumble. He says that it is his destiny.

After the match, Corre surrounds Edge and the champion gets to his feet. Edge punches Slater, Barrett, and Gabriel; but Jackson sends Edge back to the mat with a body block. Slater hits Sweetness then Barrett get Edge up for Wasteland. They pull Edge into the corner for the 450 Splash. Corre stands over Edge before leaving the ring. With Edge motionless on the mat, Dolph Ziggler enters the ring and stands over Edge before getting on one knee. Ziggler stands on Edge’s chest like the conquering hero as we go to credits.