For Colored Girls

November 5, 2010 by Post Team · Comments Off 

For Colored Girls, The actresses who star in the new movie of girls of color have been saying about the press tour that the film is not just for girls of color. It seems crazy that women have to stand up and say that a movie that stars some of our best actresses, African American is not just for a segment of the population based on the title and the fact that the film is populated only by African Americans.

It is like saying the AM The Expendables is exclusively for white men older than 50 years of age, based on the stars of that film.

But we know that the PM is not the case because no one thinks that The Expendables is just for the kids, as well as For Colored Girls is not just for black women.

But, I am cautious about the film from the moment I heard that Tyler Perry was taking the position of director and writer of Nzingha Stewart, who had been the project over grazing. I sure AOM, AOS happy the film was made, but I bet, AOS has been much happier if I had that going.

I bet it would have been much happier, because this film is also not very good. Hollywood’s most difficult to treat cases, sometimes too hard AI, AI with great performances by Loretta Devine and Thandie Newton. But a film about difficult things for many as abuse, abortion, rape, HIV must be able to sustain it. You have to be able to do acceptable things difficult for people to swallow, and this film is quite a long slog that stops short every time women enter the beautiful poetry of Ntozake Shange.

On a final note, I say loudly and clearly that when this movie is not doing well, not the fault of women, the administrative hearing officers or the African-American audience. This film will not do so because there is a good movie. Period.

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