Keibler: Pregnancy No Excuse ‘To Eat Donuts’

July 13, 2014 by staff · Comments Off 

Keibler: Pregnancy No Excuse ‘To Eat Donuts’, Skinny mini! During her first-ever pregnancy, Stacy Keibler hasn’t had any naughty cravings, she tells Us Weekly — and she urges other moms-to-be to avoid over-indulging while they’re expecting, too.

“I really truly believe that pregnancy is not a time to have an excuse to eat donuts,” the “Supermarket Superstar” host, 34, told Us exclusively at an event for Baby Jogger Vue strollers in West Hollywood on Thursday. “I haven’t had any cravings believe it or not!” George Clooney’s ex added.”

In fact, Keibler is eating healthier than ever. ” we did a full house detox [of anything unsafe.]”

The prepared parents-to-be have even already decided on a name for their baby girl. “It’s a secret for now,” Keibler says, “We just cannot wait to meet her. I feel like we have such a connection already. I feel like we intuitively talk to each other, and so I just can’t wait to actually meet her.”

Keibler: Pregnancy No Excuse 'To Eat Donuts'

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