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Castle FinaleCastle Finale, Season 3 of “Castle”, promising an end to death, but may have just gotten more than they expected. The output of the first great wine a little predictable in the last act – after a revelation that changes the game, of course – but the real surprise was reserved for the final moments, when another regular series was apparently shot down. NTQuMTk4LjY4LjE1Mg==

But how we get there? We begin, as we do most outstanding “Castle” starts, with the threat of mystery (Stana Katic) Beckett murdered mother. She goes to meet the mystery murderer in prison Hal Lockwood partner – as she often does – only to discover he has been transferred to less secure facilities that another fixture of the conspiracy and murder, Gary McAllister, waiting execution silencing.

Since people even in prison for murder can still be tried for another murder, Lockwood has a late-night hearing in which anything seems suspicious.

Now, accidentally found in a cold war thriller, or the season finale of “Castle” is actually breaking a helicopter to a gangster in a courtroom in the city of New York? It sure did. And with the closest partner Johanna Beckett known murderer on the lamb, the game pushes Beckett back into the danger zone.

This does not sit well with Castle (Nathan Fillion). It is your partner back, but it fits. They fight, even tacit brings pampering and a kiss and then appear to break her alliance – but cannot possibly last. They did last final.

While all this is going down, Montgomery (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) makes all kinds of comments submitted, paternal and general reference type declarations red flag leading to the correct conclusion that he will die. What we do not prepare for was the revelation that he has been part of the conspiracy Johanna Beckett from the start.

Oh, yes. That’s right. We’ll wait for you to drop your jaw with the rest of her face.

It turns out that Montgomery was a willing accessory to evil. He accidentally shot another officer, made the wrong friends and ended up using the woman’s mother was involved tangentially in the murder. He promised the villain; still nameless had to keep an eye on it, in exchange for their safety.

But he has been doing a bad job, so Lockwood released him a visit and makes the situation clear: either you fall or Beckett around the Montgomery clan gets killed.

He is responsible for meeting with Beckett – while Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Ryan (Seamus Dever) do some research themselves, evidence is emerging that puts Montgomery in the middle of the web crimey. Ryan is the first to point out the damning information. Esposito gets very angry with him for questioning the boss. The world is shorter brother, a fight breaks out, and Esposito recognizes the need to tell Beckett.

But she is too busy with her world upside down by the confession of Montgomery, who has not sold out at all. Lockwood is made to the suspension and spare Beckett kills him and his family. Just two very large errors in the process.

1.) He does not tell Beckett that he killed her mother, saying she will not be able to control or protect themselves in possession of information, so you can not have. Lame.

2.) Dies.

He got pardoned before going though. It’s sweet, but I bet you really have forgiven if he had told her that he was the murderer. Beckett, Castle, Esposito and Ryan agree that the truth about Montgomery never leaves. He will die as a hero.

And at the funeral of his hero, Beckett even offers a compliment … for two! We see it in the spotlight, like a house of views with laser, but are released to save her; she has a bullet in the chest. There is blood everywhere, and her eyes rolled back in her head, leaving her presumed dead and we are very anxious until an unknown date in September when the show returns.

Beckett could really be dead, though? Of course not. Unless there are any plans to kill most of the remaining votes and restart the series as a multi-generational “Cagney and Lacey”, starring Susan Sullivan and Molly Quinn, who will be fine.

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