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July 7, 2011 by staff 

Casey Sentencing LiveCasey Sentencing Live, Sentenced to a maximum of four consecutive periods of one year and fine and 4000 But the judge says he may go free in late July or early August because she had already served almost three years and has performed well

Casey Anthony lawyers said the four counts of lying to the police should be counted as one, since everything happened at the same police interview
The judge rejected the argument that the police lost “time, energy and labor in search of young Caylee

Prosecutors say Casey is aimed at “wild goose chase” and find that Anthony was forced to pay for research
Casey smiled and winked at her arrival at court, highly tipped to be about to be released

Casey Anthony was today sent back to jail after being sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of 4,000 and for lying to police.
The judge gave a sentence of four years – the longest sentence may be able to give – but said Anthony could go free within a few weeks because he has already served almost three years and get credit for good behavior.
It is unclear how long they will remain behind bars, but Judge Belvin Perry said it could be free in late July or early August.

Anthony showed no reaction during the sentencing. She had appeared relaxed on arrival, expected to be about to be released, having long hair today instead of a bun or ponytail, as usual.

She smiled and winked at her lawyers, while waiting in court to see if he would walk free from this morning was convicted following her acquittal of impact of the death of her daughter Caylee two years of age.

After 997 days in jail to 25 years old, had been scheduled to be released after the verdict impressive, which has caused outrage across the country.

Anthony was convicted on four misdemeanor charges of lying to police after being acquitted of first degree murder, aggravated murder and aggravated child abuse.
The verdict was a dramatic turn of events of the woman who faces the death penalty.

Anthony’s defense team told the judge that the four counts of lying to the police should be considered as a measure that passed in the same interview on July 16, 2008.
Prosecutors argued that the lies told during three separate statements to the police within 12 hours. Prosecutors said each lie was intended to deceive the police and sent to a “wild chicken chase.”
Judge Belvin Perry sided processing and said: “As a result of these four is separate and distinct law enforcement officers spent a lot of time, energy and young workers looking for Caylee Marie Anthony.
“This search for their increased from July to December, for several months, trying to find Caylee Marie Anthony.

Meanwhile, prosecutors asked the court to recover the cost of research for them and the authorities.
Mandatory minimums for those who are and 100 cases of felonies and 50 and one case each of minor offenses. The state is seeking reimbursement of more than that, and said in a movement that has the documentation of what is called special costs.

A judge will decide if Anthony should pay the costs at a later hearing.

Prior to sentencing, the lawyer for Anthony, Jose Baez had said he hoped the possibility of his launch customer.

“I think they’re pretty good, if you look at the time it has done is quite significant,” he said.

However, he acknowledged concern about the safety of Anthony who had been released, given the strong emotions surrounding the case.

“I fear for her,” said Barbara Walters of ABC.
At least two police officers entered the Orange County Courthouse with gas masks before sentencing. The Sheriff’s Office declined comment.

Crowds of thousands have gathered outside the courthouse in Orlando, Florida is the anticipation of the sentence.
Lewis Katz, a law professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, said: “Antonio will always be haunted by the belief that he had killed her son. She will never lead a normal life.”

Florida authorities have given few details of what will happen to Anthony when released.

There are obvious complications with her back to her parents’ home, where he lived before being jailed, given her lawyers stinging accusations brought against them at trial.

“Because of the high profile nature of this case and the intense and emotional interest by the public measures, measures will be taken to liberate the individual in the community so as to preserve the security of the person and the public ‘Orange County Corrections Department spokesman Allen Moore said.
Lyrics written by Anthony striking in jail give clues about what to do next and reveal that the age of 25 plans to have more children.

After her release, Anthonty no restrictions of her detention from the capitalization for the signing of agreements movie or a book or selling interviews.

In letters from prison, Anthony said she has dreamed of being pregnant again and is considering adoption, as there are “many children who deserve to be loved.”

The prisoner, who has spent nearly three years in the interior, also revealed she is looking forward to having your teeth whitened, being able to wear sxy lingerie and becoming “part of society” again after her release.

“I had a dream not long ago that she was pregnant,” wrote Anthony one of the more than 50 letters to fellow prisoners Robyn Adams, who have been released.

“It was like having the Keys again,” he wrote, referring to daughter Caylee. “I’ve thought about adoption, which sounds weird for me to say, there are many children who deserve to be loved.”

In another letter to her fellow prisoner in the County Jail in Orlando, she wrote: “Let’s make a deal? Let’s get pregnant together? If it is really possible for the plan.”

The handwritten letters, which were written between 2008 and 2009, give a fascinating insight into what Anthony will do upon leaving prison.

In a letter from Anthony said he has plans to write what she describes as a “partial memory / comedy / relationship advice book for those who do not know.”

“It’s a way to solve a lot of talk and share my views on love, life and most importantly – from God,” he said. “Who knows”?

References 25 years old, also to start a business. She wrote: “When are we going to sit on the beach, sipping ccktails and planning our future business?

Perhaps surprisingly, the inmate also wrote that she wants to give money to charity.

“I want to donate money to charity? Leukemia [sic] research, breast cancer, cervical cancer,” he wrote.

The letters are very detailed what Anthony loses more about life outside of prison and is looking forward to the launch.

“I cannot wait to get my teeth whitened and use my toothbrush / toothpaste / shampoo, conditioner,” he wrote.

“I have not got the desire to wear heels unless the occasion calls for it. However, Converse, boots and sandals REAL? Oh, and hats, caps regular ball.”

‘Sunglasses. Underwear that fits! Added to the list. Is that vain? If we do not expect these things? ”

Anthony also wrote that she is waiting to be able to treat herself to a manicure and pedicure on trips to the salon.

‘Colour my toesies and acrylic nails – Yes, please, “he wrote. “I embrace the many joys of being a lady.”

“And the girl, I could use a day in my goal,” he continued. “Just walking around the store, to be part of society. I want to go shopping.”

The jury’s decision led to outrage across the country, prompting fears for her safety when he leaves prison.

But the letters reveal that Anthony has been thinking about creating a new identity.

“If you could change your name to any name, what would it be? Wrote in a letter.” I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately.

‘Ideas? Many of the ideas. ”

The sentence comes after one of the jurors revealed that jurors wept and felt “upset stomach” after voting to acquit Casey Anthony for murder of her two-year-old daughter.

In the first interview with one of the jurors who made the decision that has outraged much of the United States, Jennifer Ford told how the jury felt that there was insufficient evidence to convict the 25 years of age.

“I did not say she was innocent,” said Ms. Ford, 32. “I just said that there was insufficient evidence. If you can not prove that the crime was, we can not determine what the punishment should be.”

The student nurse, who had previously only been identified as juror number three, told ABC News that he was a very difficult time that none of the jurors wanted to speak to the press.

“Everyone asks why not talk to the press immediately,” said Ms. Ford. “It was because they were sick to our stomach to the verdict.

“We were crying, not just women. It was emotional and we were not prepared. We wanted to do with integrity and not contribute to the sensationalism of the trial.”

The jury, who is single and has no children, added: “They took a large group of people of such high integrity. And there was the high morale,” he said. “Everyone joked. We are like a large group of cousins.

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