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June 25, 2011 by USA Post 

Casey Anthony Trial NewsCasey Anthony Trial News, Jurors in the murder trial heard testimony Casey Anthony more tears on Friday, the mother of Mrs. Anthony, Cindy, and her brother Lee, who broke down after admitting he was hurt, no one in the family to discuss with him the embarrassment of Casey.
“I was very angry with my mom and my sister, who did not want me included and are not important enough to tell me,” Lee Anthony said in the witness stand, his voice cracking.

Tears streamed down his face. “I was very hurt,” he said. Across the courtroom, the defendant Mrs. Anthony was crying, wiping her face with a tissue. The touching moment was important to the defense case, as it appears stating that the family of Anthony was strangely dysfunctional – to the extent that Ms. Anthony did not recognize her daughter was pregnant until seven months pregnant, that Mrs. Anthony apparently unable to admit her condition to her mother or anyone else, and nobody in the family recognized the obvious situation to Mr. Anthony, who lived in the room next to Casey.

Mr. Anthony was so upset by the exclusion, he said, he refused to see Mrs. Anthony and newborn, Caylee, in the hospital.

The testimony came on the eighth day of the defense and the 27-day trial for first-degree murder of Mrs. Anthony, the Florida mother accused of killing her two-year-old daughter. The trial is expected to conclude late next week, with jury deliberations probably beginning Saturday.

Prosecutors say Mrs. Anthony chloroform and duct tape used to immobilize and suffocate Caylee, and then hid her body in the trunk of her car before dumping into a wooded area near the family home. They say he then repeatedly lied to friends, family and police that an abducted child’s nanny.

Defense attorneys say Caylee died in an accident at a swimming pool, and then to panic, Ms. Anthony and her father, George, tried to cover up the death, making it look like a kidnapping.

After days of testimony from forensic experts raised doubts about the reliability of the state tests and methods used to obtain it, defense lawyers are shifting their focus towards the human side of the case.

In his opening statement last month striking, defense attorney Jose Baez promised the jurors that the whole truth about the saga of Casey Anthony include dark revelations about the family Anthony. He suggested that his client is the apparent behavior thrill to be with her boyfriend, partying in clubs, and repeatedly lying down after Caylee disappeared in mid-June 2008 was the result of years of sexual abuse by her father and brother.

Although never mentioned on Friday, accused of sexual abuse as a sword hanging over Lee during his testimony.

It is unclear whether the defense will try to enter the sexual abuse as a key part of its strategy. This would almost certainly have to call Mrs. Anthony on the stand. There is no indication at this time they will.

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