Casey Anthony Spotted

July 21, 2011 by USA Post 

Casey Anthony SpottedCasey Anthony Spotted, According to the Daily Tribune, thinks that an anonymous informant may have seen Casey Anthony, or someone who looks like Casey Anthony, dining in Troy. July 19 Daily Tribune: With Casey Anthony out of jail now and her whereabouts remains a closely guarded secret, some people can not help thinking that the mother have been defamed – even here in Michigan.

A woman, who asked to remain anonymous Anthony, thought he had been sitting with two other women in Italian cuisine Papa Vino in Troy.

This seems to be the latest installment of our national blood lust to persecute the woman acquitted of murdering her daughter, or less than that, the lynching someone who kind of, more or less looks like Casey Anthony.

That is not hyperbole. In Oklahoma, a woman confused with Anthony was attacked. Now Anthony is supposedly seen in Troy. Grab your torches and pitchforks and Beaver big head, because there is no justice like mob justice!

This would be funny if it were not so terrible. Self-righteousness, crazed fans of Nancy Grace are susceptible to attack any target in her twenties, which could be described as “very far” at any time. If they get the wrong girl, well, never mind, they will finally have Anthony. It is better to attack the victim misconception that right away.

Young brunette in 1977, New York worried about the hair color can attract the attention of the Son of Sam. Today, almost all-young, skinny white is at risk. Not a psychopath who believes that the neighbor’s dog was ordered killed. This time, the threat of random violence comes from a much more dangerous, middle-class white women aged 25-54. That is, the network’s demographic target HLN.

In fact, if a woman is injured or killed by the mob confused with Anthony, she or her family should sue HLN and discredited former prosecutor Nancy Grace presenter become afraid. After all, they are whipping the frenzy over what amounts to a history of second-degree felony local Orlando.

If viewers HLN really cared about violence against children, he dropped her bloodlust Antonio (and their doppelgangers), Nancy Grace off the shouty hours different time, and focus on children who die 4.83 every day due to violence. To put this in perspective, it is likely that although Americans have been shedding crocodile tears for Caylee Anthony, something like 82 children have died from abuse.

Instead of doing something about the real problems that lead to systemic abuse of children, we are sharpening their knives and strip mall restaurant search of a convenient target for revenge.

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