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May 24, 2011 by USA Post 

Casey Anthony LiveCasey Anthony Live, Casey Anthony wept in court today as her defense attorney first revealed her two-year-old daughter drowned in a swimming pool. Anthony, 25, is charged with first-degree murder of Caylee. If convicted, he could be sentenced to death. Prosecutors had previously said that Caylee died from adhesive tape on the mouth and nose. Jurors today heard Anthony had been “raised to lie” as a result of being sexually abused by her father since the age of eight years, and on instructions from her father, who had concealed the death of her daughter, too.

Defense attorney Jose Baez, said: “She has been doing all her life – hiding her pain, goes to a dark corner and pretend they do not live in the situation where she is living.

“He returned to that deep, dark and ugly called denial to pretend that there was nothing wrong.”

Caylee, who loved to swim in her grandparents’ home in Florida, where he lived, had left the house while her mother and grandfather in her home that day, Mr. Baez said.
“Everyone wants to know what happened. How in the world can expect from a mother 31 days before reporting, where her son is…. Well, the answer is relatively simple.

The court heard: “She (Caylee) is never missing. Caylee Anthony died on June 16, 2008, when he drowned in the swimming pool of her family.
“Casey was at home with Caylee and it was her father. George Anthony came in and started yelling,” Where is Caylee, where is Caylee? They searched the house, searched the bedroom, and looked under the bed, in closets, garage, then left, said Mr. Baez.
“As soon as Casey turned the corner … George saw Caylee Anthony holding in her arms. Immediately grabbed Caylee and began to mourn and mourn and mourn.”
Anthony is charged with first-degree murder and faces death by legal injection if found guilty.

Throughout the case – that has taken over Florida since 2008 – her parents vacillated between loyalty to her daughter and the pain of her missing granddaughter.
Caylee’s remains were found in December 2008. She was the first reported missing in July 2008, a month after she was last seen alive.
Casey Anthony, pleaded not guilty and said earlier a baby sitter kidnapped Caylee.
His defense has requested video footage of the mother of 24 years old, shot while she discovered that her daughter’s body was found, be excluded from the trial.

She was in custody at the time of taking the pictures and her lawyer said the video was taken without her knowledge.
There have been strong legal arguments on the unprecedented step of including an air sample as evidence.

Earlier in the day as the prosecution set out her case as Anthony wept and shook her head.
The jury heard how she lived the good life “, while her daughter is being put into a swamp.

She wiped her eyes with a tissue and breathed hard as Orlando jury heard how the children seem happy about her daughter, Caylee Marie, ended in horror, her body tossed like garbage, while her mother continued the party and lying about her whereabouts.
“It’s time to tell the story of little Caylee Marie,” said attorney Linda Drane-Burdick, for trial today almost three years after the disappearance of the girl.
Today’s parents Cindy and George Anthony, Orlando, sat in the back of the room as the lady Drane Burdick said how they had adored her granddaughter, who was born in August 2005 and lived with them along with Anthony.

She said: “He filled her room with toys and stuffed animals. Caylee room was decorated with every imaginable topic available Winnie the Pooh.
“In the backyard of George and Cindy Anthony house was the dream of every girl, a playhouse complete with a mailbox and your name.”

For a month, Cindy Anthony mother, a nurse, became more and more concerned about Caylee Anthony after he allegedly gave excuse after excuse about where I was.
It was reported that Antonio told her mother that the boy was with a babysitter named Zanny fictitious, Caylee despite never having spent a night away from their grandparents.
Then, said she was with friends, enjoying days out of SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Anthony’s mother finally called police on July 15 to report her fears for her missing granddaughter and voice their suspicions to her daughter’s series of stories.

Police later discovered that most of that time, Anthony had been living with her boyfriend in her apartment and that Caylee was not with her.
CCTV footage showed out TV shopping for clothes, going clubs and enjoys a fireworks display July 4. He also visited a tattoo parlor on several occasions.

Three days after Caylee was last seen alive, Anthony went to her parents’ house while they were away, backed the car in the garage and then a neighbor asked if he could borrow a shovel.

‘Very characteristic odor of decomposition “A was later found in the trunk of her car, along with a hair, according to the forensic examination showed scientific characteristics have come from a decomposed human body, and a high concentration of chloroform “the court heard.

A forensic examination of her parents team showed that in several days in March – before the disappearance of Caylee and while George and Cindy Anthony were at work – the Google search was conducted using key words like “weapons of products Home “,” chloroform “,” spade “and” break the neck. ”

“There can be no one else was doing searches for Casey Anthony,” said Ms. Drane-Burdick, spelling in heartbreaking detail how the child’s skull and bones were discovered, finally, a utility worker on 11 December 2008, near the family home in a swamp.

She was “wrapped in a blanket of Winnie the Pooh, stuck in a garbage bag, tucked in a laundry bag and dumped in a swamp, as it was just another piece of garbage.”
The roots of the plants had been woven into the hair.
For ten days, the staff of the crime scene carefully worked on hands and knees, “the collection of the remains of Caylee Anthony to ensure, guarantee, no longer suffer the indignity of lying in a swamp,” said Ms. Drane-Burdick, and Anthony heard somber face, clenching her jaw and turning back and forth in her chair room.

“The tape covered the nose and mouth of this small human skull, found the prosecutor.

“The tape was placed there before the breakdown … indicating that Caylee’s murderer never intended to be eliminated,” he said.

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