Casey Anthony Closing Arguments

July 3, 2011 by USA Post 

Casey Anthony Closing ArgumentsCasey Anthony Closing Arguments, Will the real Casey Anthony please stand up? Jeff Ashton began closing arguments today in the murder trial of Casey Anthony. Masterfully Ashton tied the loose ends of a very complicated test when he addressed the jury. In his closing arguments that explained step by step the events of 2008 that led to the discovery of the remains of Caylee Anthony’s small, wooded swamp near her grandparents’ house.

Although the case against Casey Anthony is based on circumstantial evidence, the picture painted by Ashton was credible, logical and appealed to the jurors who have children or grandchildren.

Ashton told the story of an incredibly intelligent and skillful liar; he was forced to live a life, while the desire to live again.

The conflicts that arise between living life as a single mother, while her friends were busy holidays, appointments and went back and forth against the life of a responsible mother who has to put your child’s needs before your own.

Ashton compares the lies fabricated and built her life in the versions of a growing need to change her so she could have the fun life she wanted. At one point, called the latest version of itself as “Casey 3.0? Referring to the need to keep track of it is becoming more and remembers more and more details that led to the death of her daughter almost 3 years.

Caylee was in the way of life he dreamed, and worse than that, young Caylee was coming to a point in her life that she could talk and tell the truth – no matter what is her mother told him that surround it.

At the time of Caylee’s death on 16 June, Casey Anthony Ashton says the date mapping method and counted the days until Caylee’s third birthday, which was equivalent to 55 days. This, said Ashton, was all the time in the world of Casey because he knew in her mind that she was only 55 days to keep the truth from her mother, who was becoming suspicious wondering where her granddaughter. Only 55 days to try to reach a plausible reason for Caylee was no longer alive, because the birthday of Caylee Anthony would provide Cindy with her granddaughter, or why he no longer had a granddaughter.

Ashton claims that the screen is evident in the name of Casey for there My Space page – “timer55, the timer had started and would last 55 days?

With Ashton finished his arguments.

After the morning break the main defense Jose Baez took the stage only to the procedural object to a collage of images showing the defense had met Casey Anthony and her “imaginary friends”.

The collage is Casey and the people who are said to have made to keep the lies going. This keeps the defense due to her difficult childhood and to illustrate this point, the defense had added a picture of Casey, and her mother later told the court was Casey at 15 years of age.

Judge Belvin Perry sustained the objection, saying that this is not an accurate representation of Casey Anthony – that was 15 when he committed the crimes – and had the defense to cover up the image before displaying it to the jury.

Lunch break was called just 38 minutes in the final arguments of Baez. According to the court, the judge has given each side of four hours to complete your case.

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