Carrie Prejean S3xtape Stream

November 13, 2009 by USA Post 

The Carrie Prejean s3x tape stream is hot. The Carrie Prejean s3x tape stream is free. Want to see a free Carrie Prejean s3x tape stream? You’re not alone. Ever since Wednesday, everyone and their brother (and sister) has been frantically searching for a free download of the Carrie

Prejean s3x tape stream.

Why do we want to see the s3x tape stream so bad? It’s not like many individuals haven’t seen people performing the very act that Carrie Prejean performs in her solo stream debut. The Carrie Prejean s3x tape stream has reached the same level of controversy as the Erin Andrews peephole video.

Intially, Carrie Prejean claimed that the s3x tape video stream was taken when she was 17, according to CBS. She had a long distance boyfriend, and sent him the steamy video. Such actions amount to “s3xting” today. “s3xting” is a relatively new term, and it’s a crime that has landed teenagers in serious trouble – even making them in to registered s3x offenders!

If Carrie Prejean was 17 when the s3x tape video stream was made, it is child prnography. Viewing the s3x tape could land you in a significant amount of trouble. Furthermore, spammers have used the Carrie Prejean s3x tape video stream scandal to send viruses, spyware, and spam out in to computers around the world. To me, viewing the s3x tape stream isn’t worth it.

The “boyfriend” that Carrie Prejean made the s3x tape video for debunks Ms. Prejean’s claims that the tape was made when she was underage. According to Newser, Prejean’s boyfriend received 15-20 racy videos during their relationship, and that she was over 18. She also asked him to lie about the age when the video was sent.

This report can explain some of the reason that Carrie Prejean walked out of the Miss California lawsuit after viewing a snippet of the s3x tape video. Chances are, lawyers for Miss California got in touch with Carrie Prejean’s ex-boyfriend. Maybe he’s got some dirt on her that she really doesn’t want getting out.

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