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November 24, 2010 by Post Team 

Carol Burnett, Those wedding bells you hear are not for Prince William and Lady Catherine. No, it’s a wedding Glee, everyone, and you’re invited to a special cryfest “Furt,” the last episode where Kurt and Finn families are actually ordered.

Burt and Carol married. But another Carol just stole the spotlight and ate the scenes, as it should be through the mother Sue Sylvester, Doris Wild, play tour-de-force and sharp-tongued deadpan panache by Carol Burnett. Assessment is the best cast in this season, and we are much better for him. While we are confident we can rebuke Sue admitting that such a heresy. She is still angry about the unsatisfactory remark from her mother about her lovely duet “New York” in the 1953 musical “Wonderful Town.” The dispute was delightful interlude.

Doris hunting Nazis came to town after Sue discovers that his host is crushed to marry his co-host, and none of it, gets angry and gives himself to the whims of a dating site. But all he could muster to his demand was not one that someone who holds “extreme taxidermy, tantric screaming and pushing the pins hidden elderly”: Sue Sylvester. Cue the same car hoods of marriage, he married Sue Sue.

Excited by the prospect of throwing pigeons inside brightness and color scheme of red, cognac, Kurt is going gaga making preparations for the wedding of the wedding of her father’s mother Finn. But he can not escape danger in the McKinley High – from Karofsky, the bully, which is creepy and scary look makes him petrified. (Although in this episode, all he did was ask Karofsky cake topper Finn.) Kurt, however, goes to Sue, even as the director, who says he can not do anything for the lady, uh, Porcelain.

Therefore, Kurt’s friends in the act Glee as to protect from intimidation battleram Karofsky, even going so far as to appeal to a fight in the locker room, he quickly dismissed the tough guy.

Meanwhile, Finn feels useless because he was not there to protect Kurt, or even have something to contribute to the wedding of his mother. But more than makes up for Bruno Mars with two songs that were brilliant in the execution and playing on sentiment. First, the entrance song wedding “Marry You”, recalled the simple joy of live viral video choreography: “JK Entrance Wedding Dance.” [LINK] Another moment was sincere when Finn said that he felt more of a man from Kurt known, “are brothers from another mother” and swearing to protect it forever.

Before you know it, the dream of adolescence Kurt becomes reality: Finn dances with him on the ground as a serenade to the love song “Just like you” that could rival the magic “Teenage Dream” to Glee sweet song ever. Not that the version of the target Schuester Will Mambo Michael Buble’s song “Sway” was not. Each song builds on itself and makes the wedding more special Carol Burt.

Just as we are enthusiastic over two weddings – one real, false other (? Actually, Sue, really listen to your mother), Kurt dropped a bomb in the Glee Club: The transfer of the Academy Dalton The private school of their gay love affair Blaine. Karofsky going back to school and do not want to be in an environment that tolerates intolerance.

What does it mean? A Sectional showdown against the New Directions. Next week.

PD Carol Burnett, please come back again. Sue did not say it seriously. We swear.

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