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October 21, 2011 by staff 

Carnival Dream Cruise ShipCarnival Dream Cruise Ship, In a horrible and disgusting news today, the newborn baby of a mother 20 years old, was found dead aboard the luxury cruise ship Carnival Dream. The body was discovered in a guest cabin for a crew member, who immediately notified the authorities, including the FBI. The baby’s mother, who has not been charged, was a passenger in the United States.

So, okay, a million things going through my mind and body, as I’m sure they are running through you, the first time I stumbled upon this news. Above all shock and sadness, but followed closely by: WTF?

How can something like this? That leaves one dead baby alone in a guest cabin? I immediately went to one of those horror stories where the young mother gives birth, is not ready, then let her baby die, or one of those in which the mother “did not know she was pregnant” and gives birth to a stillborn baby.

That’s actually very sad that this is the first place to go.

Unfortunately, it seems that more often than not, these are the results of heartbreaking situations like this. I would be willing to bet that each and every one of us has heard at least one story this year of a mother leaving her newborn baby or a woman not knowing she was pregnant. Hell, there is a whole TV series dedicated to it!

It’s sad. And this carnival looks suspicious. I have no idea what happened on that boat, but it is clear that this was not an accident. And what is really worrying – a cruise ship is the perfect place to commit a crime. Unlike with federal marshals aircraft, cruise ships do not have the police authorities on board. Tons of crimes are committed on board ships each year – without having to be reported. Maybe – if this is not an accident – which is what he or she thought was going to happen in this scenario: not reported. Fortunately, the Carnival is the right thing and cooperation is.

Whatever the outcome, whatever the reasons behind this, the bottom line is a little baby, little was left for dead. And nothing will be able to fix that.

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