Captain Planet TV Movie Announced

July 20, 2011 by Post Team 

Captain Planet TV Movie AnnouncedCaptain Planet TV Movie Announced, Some may have thought that happened in 2007 with the release of the live-action Underdog movie (starring Jim Belushi, Peter Dinklage and Mayor Roger Sterling!). Others say that occurred last year, with the green light a movie Ant-Man. But Grantland us are willing to call: Tuesday, July 19, 2011. The Hollywood ran out of official day of superheroes.

Yes, indeed. Use your layers at half-mast and fire 21 (non-organic!) web-shooter greeting. Because today our spandex saturated the entertainment industry finally hit rock bottom with the announcement of a live-action film based on Captain Planet and the Planeteers. You read that right: Captain Planet, an environmental blue ideologue exactly loved by anyone, a character that will go down in history as the second worst Ted Turner’s idea (just before trying to popularize bison meat and well behind the cut Tomahawk) will be raised to the big screen. And all I can say is: Why?

Captain Planet came a momentary explosion of cultural optimism linked to the 20 Anniversary of Earth Day in 1990, a period marked by rising Greenpeace booths at concerts, not highlighted by the Indigo Girls and the innovative invention of paper Yellow recycling (which, by the way, also make a great movie). The character was a mullet, square-jawed zero tried to save the world with his powers of weather manipulation (no one says Al Gore!). He hung out with a rainbow coalition of five teens from various backgrounds (one of Africa!) Call planetariums and fought against evil, polluting villains with names like pig Greedly, looting Looten, Skumm verminous, and Tony Hayward. It was an interesting figure for a movement that, although worthy, boring to everyone not named Greenzo. By far the most memorable of Captain Planet is a rogue’s gallery of Hollywood do good hired by Turner – certainly for a bison hunt spirit – the voice of the villains in the cartoon, a rare class list, including James Coburn, Meg Ryan, Jeff Goldblum, Ed Asner, Dean Stockwell, Martin Sheen, and Sting. (All of them rescued in the project after the first season of All but Asner -. Pro a professional) unless the undead members of that group are still getting calls from Turner, there’s really nothing here to suggest a film action that would be of interest to anyone outside the most pedantic chapter of the Sierra Club in the world.

What is worse? No need to signal the end of a lucrative genre film (eco-friendly!) dumpster diving like this! There is still worth much more exaggerated boxes forgotten superheroes ready for close-up. Like, for example, the arm will fall Boy, whose powers are both using CGI, immediately relatable, and they’re in the title. (And for the sound engineer responsible for the creation of the hand down the arm of the boy falling mark SFX – “plorp” – Make sure there is room on the mantle of reserve for an Oscar). Nonsense enough – CO2 emissions could bring Captain Planet.

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