Caligula Statue

July 15, 2011 by staff 

Caligula StatueCaligula Statue, The Italian authorities unveiled a marble statue is in the district of Ostia, which experts believe is infamous Roman emperor Augustus Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, better known as Caligula.
The statue 2.5 meters high, made of rare Greek marble had been covered with earth for about 2,000 years in Ostia, near Lake Nemi, where the Roman emperors, including Caligula believed to have summer villas and palaces. The statue, which was broken into several pieces were found last January by the Italian government agents to illegal excavations at the time about to load a piece in a container to be transported abroad. Now the marble work of art has been cleaned, restored and displayed at the Museum of the ships of Nemi announced the Italian Ministry of Culture.
The figure shows Caligula (12 to AD 41), who was emperor of Rome between AD 37 and 41 seated on a throne, with his left foot on the typical “Caligae” or sandal legionnaires that are known to have used since childhood and earned the nickname Caligula.
The two individuals suspected of illegal excavations were brought to justice on charges of violation of an archaeological site and illegal possession of cultural property belonging to the State.
The discovery of the statue has allowed the Italian authorities to carry out further excavations in the area where it was found, leading to the discovery of some 250 archaeological pieces of historical interest, possibly part of the remains of a thermal resort of the emperors Romans located by Lake Nemi.
Having left the throne and left foot bears the Caligae Emperor Caligula Roman soldier or sandals.

Some doubts have arisen concerning the attribution of the statue as an image of Caligula. The man was not well liked. In fact, it was considered a monster cruel and crazy. He was accused of incest with his three sisters were prostitutes and also with men. Political enemies accused him of sending troops to irrational military practices and returned to his palace into a brothel. “Worst of all,” just before being assassinated in a conspiracy involving the Praetorian Guard officials, the Roman Senate and other parts of the Imperial Court, had appointed his horse Incitatus as a priest and was intended to put the name of a consul. Who wants to erect a statue of Greek marble glorious 2.5 meters to a hated man?

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