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February 22, 2011 by USA Post 

Bulletstorm Reviews, Creativity is at the heart of most things you do in Bulletstorm. For every kill you make, you get a score based on style and flair shown. Using one or more of the three weapons you can get fitted at any time, possibly in combination with your leash – a device that lets you shoot the enemies to you – you can eviscerate enemies in many ways.
Format: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

Developer: People Can Fly
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Released: February 25, 2011
Score: 8 / 10
Age rating: 18 (BBFC)
There are few people in the development of modern games that are outspoken, unapologetically opinionated or known as Cliff Bleszinski, game designer at Epic Games. Just seeing his name attached to a project is a surefire way to get the press talking like his quotes (and often inaccurate quotes) are used to write the titles, which are still to come as always at the forefront of the mind of a player.

People Can Fly is the name of the studio who are doing the overwhelming majority of development work on Bulletstorm although we are convinced that, with Epic Games acting as producers and their Unreal Engine power play, FCP had access to all resources and knowledge of this venerable collection of developers.

With the game due to our review this week and should arrive shortly after, we thought it was time to talk a bit about what we’ve seen so far.

You’ll play as Grayson Hunt, struck former Special Forces soldier who worked as a space pirate from his commanding officer had betrayed him and unjustly expelled from the force. Ten years ago, and where hunting is drunk and an opportunity for revenge, things take a turn and its catastrophic crash land the ship, giving him and his robotic sidekick on the surface of a planet infested by eating meat plants, mutants and monsters like giant dinosaurs.

Thus, the stage is set and you will now have to fight their way through varied and diverse enemies in your quest to escape and probably avenge your shame on the part of the commanding officer harmful.

The game is a strong, rough, brash assault on the senses and it was joked by complacently previewers many obvious that his attempts to appeal to a basic sense of humor leaves him feeling unintelligent. We found that there was a surprising and pleasant sense of self-conscious humor. Rather than just being stupid humor for the sake of a cheap laugh, it seems silly humor with a nod to the fact that it is unashamedly dumb because sometimes it’s just fun.

The gameplay revolves around the principle that killing creatures is easy, but kill with style should be rewarded. Players will get higher scores for more imagination to kill using range weapons, “leaves of energy” and regular use and easy on your shoe. This is a new approach that uses a hook to hang the rest of the gameplay and will work on scores and rankings to play a predominant role in the long-term playability of the game.

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