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January 25, 2011 by USA Post 

Bulletstorm Demo, Bulletstorm his next over-the-top first-person shooter urges players to kill with skill. Its a Lack of any real skill myself, childish fits of laughter to go. Keep in mind this is the first time I got my hands on Bulletstorm, and I do sort of get the tutorial for the sake of brevity, so my killing with jurisdiction is limited to the use of allowed to draw the enemy into points, which is pretty fun by itself. The elevator tip is also quite impressive, but now I have to run through the demo to see how many I can catch bad guys without getting my head shot off.

Towards the end I am left little crazy, which led to enemies being much closer to me than what they should be, therefore, death. The demo has said but I finished and it is the authority in this matter.

The demo is available now on Xbox 360 and should be soon on the PlayStation Network. Feel free to upload your own videos to make me look bad. I made it easy! The tutorial for “passage sht Bulletstorm references from someone and making fun of reading books, put us firmly in the ground 15 years boys. Overcoming the demo unlocks once the content for the entire game, while the voice-over points that the game does pre-order. What comes after calls you “dick-tts” and usefully shows that you can get more points by shooting enemies in the ass.

The fast section, ten minutes-or-so included in the demo gives you some weapons and a bunch of enemies, and your job is to kill them in interesting ways. Use the whip “leaves” to capture enemies, pull them towards you eject them, and blow his head off while they’re flying in the air in slow motion. A fire or grenades tied together with rope, so you can transform an enemy into a bomb, to expel a group of friends, then detonate the bomb to hit all flesh and earn more points.

Experience. Pull out the enemies, or throw them into the air. Shoot them in the head or the butt, or even worse places. Hit them in the other. Skewer them on the environment. Use explosives, turrets use, use your machine gun. Mix it up, try new things and get as high score. The blend of combo-based gameplay and high score mechanic to help you aggressively pursuing the most brutal killing people activates an original section of the player’s brain: the need to go back and do it again more, but a little better. When you do something creative that causes the screen to light with bonuses and extra points, you feel a huge sense of accomplishment. It is also one of those games that reward the society is even more fun to play with a friend and place the order from front to rear. Online rankings show you exactly how you stand against your friends.

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