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August 21, 2010 by staff 

Bulletin Board Ideas, Children love to think they are getting bigger, and will be able to do things like a big boy soon. With this in mind, a great preschool bulletin board idea is to make a mural of children with the theme that I’m growing. During the first week of classes, create a life-size cutout of each child, and place it on the bulletin board, the actual height. In the first of each month, make another cut of each child, and place it next to the original. After each month, children will have tangible proof that they are actually increasing.

This bulletin board idea of growth will help preschoolers to realize that although it might not be able to say, are in fact increasingly important. With the visual aid of the bill, children are able to see that not only growing, but so are the other children in the class. Preschoolers will enjoy observing the changes in appearance.

I’m growing can also be adapted to include different parts of your body. For example, you can take a picture of each child from the first day of classes, and continue to put these pictures side by side during the school year. Students will be able to track changes in your height, weight, hair length, and any other thing of note.

On the bulletin board, you could hang measuring tapes, and children can have their height is marked with a black marker, and at different intervals throughout the year, we measure again, so they can see how much they have grown over their preschool years. This may also incorporate the use of numbers, and their relationship to all things.

Children can learn about food, trees and flowers, and how they occur. This may be related to their own growth. Children can learn that it takes a few ingredients to make things grow, like the sun and water, and without these key ingredients, things can not grow properly. This may be related to their own growth. Children can learn about healthy eating that contributes to healthy growth and development. Preschoolers can learn to eat a balanced diet can lead directly to growth. This concept of growth will serve them well as understanding the spatial relationships.

Another bulletin board idea to the theme that I’m growing is that each child can take a photo in front of a fixture in the classroom, as the kitchen sink, or teacher. Each month, the image can be re-taken, and the children would be able to see whether they have grown in relation to the appliance, which have remained constant.

Preschoolers are fascinated by the growth, and therefore this bulletin board idea can be a great day for the preschool classroom.

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