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August 26, 2011 by USA Post 

Bryce Dallas Howard The HelpBryce Dallas Howard The Help, The phenomenon known as “The Help” could bring another replica of the box office this weekend: The smart money is that the dramatic comedy by Disney / Dreamworks weekend wins for the second time in a row.

The initial success of the picture is not so puzzling. Every August tends to lead a successful kind of reaction – the time when our brains are buying again and that people here in the dark, ready for some things in the characters.

What is more surprising is how the audience of a comedy drama about Southern black maids and white high society at the dawn of the civil rights movement is growing.

Her second weekend out, “The Help” topped the box office in just a drop of 20 percent. More importantly, the audience expanded to include a younger, more African American male crowd.

Showing a strong immediately drew comparisons with “The Blind Side”, a film that shares some themes with “aid,” and jumped from No. 2 in its debut at No. 1 in its second version on word of mouth. “The Blind Side” went on to gross nearly 300 million in worldwide box office and bring the Oscar for Sandra Bullock.

The public increasingly “The Help” is no surprise to co-producer Chris Columbus.

“The strongest thing in this movie, and we’ve known this since we started screening is word of mouth,” Colon said.

Disney’s first night exit polls indicated that 74 percent of the “Help” audience were women and 60 percent were age 35 and older. That has been the audience of the main story from the semi-autobiographical first novelist Kathryn Stockett’s novel sweep of the charts. But the second night, the percentage of women in the audience had fallen to 69 percent.

What I said was that a lot of what were most likely husbands and significant others were persuaded to accompany him.

It’s a trend not seen to weaken in the short term.

Fandango voting earlier this week was “The Help” leadership in the advance sale of tickets by 27 percent, ranking as the # 2 Favorite Movie of the summer, just behind “Harry Potter”. Actress Bryce Dallas Howard was second in the category of Best bad boy of summer Lord Ralph Fiennes’ Voldemort.

About 77 percent of interested to see “The Help” has read the book, and 95 percent, “said the surprisingly funny film more interested in seeing the movie,” said Fandango.

While 70 percent said they expected to “finally see a summer movie with substance,” said 41 percent of women are unlikely to be able to drag “the man in your life” for this movie with them.

Columbus has its own view on that.

“Honestly, what we saw in the original previews some of the men who love the movie more than women,” said TheWrap. “So we knew if we could get people in the theater that would spread – a sort of old-fashioned view of filmmaking that we have not seen in a long time -. A film to survive and thrive on word of mouth”

Asked about carping that the film gives little importance for both black men of the time they were better than males models largely invisible in the film, and the present substantial increase in civil rights activism led by the black time, said the approval granted by the film’s Medgar Evers NAACP and Evers’ widow Myrlie, whose husband’s murder marks a turning point.

“Tate did not want to tell a story of civil rights,” said co-producer Brunson Green, a former associate of Taylor Tate, who adapted the novel by his friend and ran it. Green began working in the business for “The Help” casting director Kerry Barden (“Bone winter”).

“Tate just wanted to tell an interesting story about these women, and part of his life when there was a big change. Obviously, the civil rights movement was in a period of years and involved hundreds of thousands of people.

“But that’s not what the novel is not what the story is about – so I had to concentrate on a very small aspect of the lives of people and a very limited time.”

Columbus wondered aloud whether the media has been digging for negatives, even in the film makes its own way. “What started as fans of the book and then went to women now mothers bring their children. My son is going back to college in a week and have a friend who leave early. The night before returning to college This 19-year-old man went with his mother to see “The Help.

“We are talking about something that people want to share with either their children or loved ones – the public is becoming more diverse every weekend.”

Says Green: “You’re getting back to the original reason why people like going to the movies – experience a ride And I think the movie theater BC thrill rides, and” Aid is more emotional. journey. ”

“For me,” Colon said, “going back to something I said in the film school -. always try to make a film that is personal to a lot of people involved, this is a movie very, very personal. ”

Columbus recalled his – and industry – again a surprise in 1990 when “Home Alone” debuted at No. 1 and held the spot for about three months. “I’m not saying this movie is going to” get there, because the market is more crowded these days – but there was enthusiasm, “he said.

Columbus says that it is personal for him as well, working as a director. “The way people are talking about it – the kind of emotion that makes you fall in love with making movies again.”

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