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October 20, 2011 by staff 

Bryant Gumbel David SternBryant Gumbel David Stern, He looked at me curiously, as Bryant Gumbel, host of “Real Sports”, referred to NBA commissioner David Stern as a “supervisor today.” The comments shocked the world, probably more than anything Gumbel said in the past.

Based on Bryant Gumbel’s comments in recent years, quietly suspect that beneath the grinding behavior, is to articulate a Black Panther ever to happen. In fact, this is one of the reasons I respect him a lot – there’s nothing more dangerous than a powerful man, brilliant Black willing to go to battle for a cause they believe in Bryant Gumbel might be more palatable to the power structure if is a little less educated – I’m sure David Stern and company are out of balance after being called racist by a man who knows four words of one syllable more than anyone I ever met.

My only interaction with commissioner David Stern came in 2007 when a professor published a study arguing that NBA referees call more fouls on black players of whites. I was on the phone in the morning to Stern, the professor who conducted the study and the Rev. Jesse Jackson. I listened carefully to Stern, as he explained seamlessly in the studio, trying to discredit completely the scholar who wrote the article. Although the aft side of the statistical significance of the study implies that the disparate impact was not as big as some were trying to believe, I have a close look at how dirty this man can be.

David Stern, in my opinion, is not racist. But you do not have to be a racist than a supervisor. Stern does not care if the NBA players were white, Black or any other race, and that capitalist exploitation is designed to enslave someone who is not able to defend themselves. But what Stern is well understood that it is easier for a supervisor to control capitalist when Black men than any other group of people. U.S. does not care how Black men treat you, because many already believe that there is something wrong with us – Stern is likely to hear more complaints if abuse is puppies.

The media loves to report on black men doing bad things (regardless of the good), applaud when the Commission implemented a dress code paternalistic, and Stern is allowed to work with millionaire team owners conspired with the NCAA to restrict the rights of athletes to the mobility of free labor. A perfect example is the age limit the NBA 19 years old, forcing players to give away millions of dollars in marketing and brand value for the entertainment machine without paying thousands of millions of dollars call of the NCAA. In fact, if the NBA is a plantation of NCAA sports is not much more athletic than a brothel.

Bryant Gumbel audience burst into Stern is a valuable and powerful shot across the bow that will surely grab the attention of all concerned. Stern will have to dodge accusations of racism in their attempt of collusion with the owners of the NBA to further erode players share the proceeds from the NBA, and Gumbel may find himself (like millions of other Black men) in the unemployment line. But the beauty of this interaction is that Bryant Gumbel has been willing to use their power to make statements that will serve to help end (as William Rhoden of The New York Times calls it) the era of slavery and 40 million U.S. dollars dollars.

Bryant Gumbel commentary on Stern, are a continuation of the drama that has been developed over recent closure negotiations NBA. NBA star Dwyane Wade criticized Commissioner Stern during a meeting, saying that “his son.” The strong response of the NBA players is an improvement over the horrible way in which the economic owners put the hammer on them during the lockout last time in 1998. Since then, wages have barely increased and caps are ridiculous rookie on the income generated by the best young players. Owners won the last battle for doing something that the players simply could not do: stay together.

Things have changed since 1998. Players now have international brands can be sold worldwide, giving them more opportunities than any other supervisor would like their employees have. When I taught a class in China five years ago, I was surprised by the number of Chinese children who love basketball (even more than black men do here in the U.S.). The players know they have options and are willing to exercise them.

Besides the strong marketing and a greater willingness to fend for themselves, NBA players now have something else on his side: education. While the stereotype of the Black athlete willfully ignorant not yet exist, more and more players are learning from the mistakes of their parents. They have learned the value of the property and also fully aware that the way you play the game off the field is as important as his ability to hit jump shots and free throws.

Bryant Gumbel has done something wonderful for the players through the recognition of racial writing on the wall of the NBA lockout. Both the NCAA and NBA are effectively to groups of rich and powerful white men seeking to control the economic choices of a group of young black men. Sure there are some exceptions, but anyone can see the line of the race. David Stern, and men as he is accustomed to the last word and the control of Black men in the same way they are handled in the school system and the prison, which are thinly veiled from the institution of slavery itself.

If men like Bryant Gumbel still standing and speaking truth to power as they did in the 1960′s, plantations can see someone breaking into their very foundations. Black people as powerful as Bryant Gumbel is supposed to be afraid to confront race and delicate lace in this field, unforgivable, cowardly politicians DC. However, Bryant Gumbel is breaking the unwritten rule that states that the honest debate of the race of men in a position to Gumbel is strictly prohibited (even as we build monuments to Dr. King with money from Wal-Mart) , and this presents a frightening scenario for those who have become accustomed to being able to control the thinking and actions of men educated Black. Welcome to Part 2 of “The Rise of the Planet of the athletes.”

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