Brushing Teeth Curbs Eating

February 25, 2012 by staff 

Brushing Teeth Curbs Eating, Losing weight is easy. Eat fewer calories than your body requires in a day and you will lose weight. Of course there is a bit more to losing weight than just that but that is basically how it works.
You must have a calorie deficit. Now wouldn’t it be nice if it really was that easy. Most people that struggle with extra weight and trying to lose weight have been brain washed by society to think a certain way that stops them from achieving their goals and desires.

For some it is just a matter of having willpower to get the job done and for others it can be something as serious as a health problem, lose the weight or else.

For anyone that does not have super human willpower which is probably most of us it helps to have different things you can do to help you along with your weight loss goal.

I am going to give you one more tool for your weight loss tool belt to help you. This one works wonders for me.

Brush your teeth immediately after you eat a meal or snack.

From my own experiences I know that there are times in the day when I will snack on food and I am not even hungry.

One of those times is in the evening when I don’t have anything to do.
All of a sudden I am watching television and reaching for the chip bag while my wife reaches for the sweets. There are a couple things going on there.

Your watching television in the evening and you have created a habit for yourself where whenever you are sitting watching TV you start to want a snack whether you are hungry or not.

Second thing is that your body just gets used to having a snack at night and now you have a habit that just because it is the evening you want to snack.

That seems pretty simple to understand I think. So simple yet so damaging to your waist line hips and buttocks.

Do you agree? All that is going on is that you are creating habits for yourself.

What you want to do is recognize those habits and create new habits that will not put weight on your belly.

One habit you can do to help you with this is to brush your teeth after every snack and meal.

Learn how to brush your teeth properly by watching this video
When you brush your teeth you are sending a message to your subconscious that eating time is over.
So doesn’t it make sense to plant that seed in your brain that when you brush your teeth after every meal that snacking time is over?

The human body adapts to just about anything very quickly. The more you brush your teeth the more your brain will get used to the fact that after you eat you then brush your teeth and then you do not eat again until your next scheduled meal.

You will develop this habit in under 7 days guaranteed. Let’s face it, the more you brush your teeth you not only will be able to curb your over eating a lot easier and benefit from that by losing some excess weight but you will also have nice fresh breathe.

It’s all about habits and if you cannot just drop a bad habit then try to replace it with a good habit. It works believe me.

So go get yourself a new tooth brush and a nice new tube of the tastiest tooth paste you can find and start brushing after every meal today.

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