Brown Recluse

August 13, 2010 by staff 

Brown Recluse, (York News-Times) — YORK – This year, the Four Corners has received reports of brown recluse spider in the area. Southeastern Nebraska is in most of the north shore of the mountains where there is this spider. This spider is found mainly in the central Midwestern states southward to the Gulf of Mexico.

Brown recluse spiders are so named because they dislike being disturbed and are “lonely.” They live in dark, undisturbed and eat insects. They can be found inside or outdoors. In favorable habitats, their populations are often dense. Can be found in storage areas containing the boxes, shoes, clothing and furniture. Can also be found in units such as barns, sheds and garages. Outdoors, brown recluse spiders can be found under logs, loose stones in rock piles and a pile of wood. The brown recluse spiders are medium in size and are tannish brown to dark brown. Her legs are long and thin compared to many spiders. They have a violin-shaped mark on the back, but can be muted or missing in juvenile spiders.

The brown recluse is not aggressive and usually bites only when crushed, handled or disturbed. Their bites contain venom kills the tissue at the site of the bite. If bitten seek medical attention immediately. Apply an ice pack directly to the bite area to relieve swelling and pain.

If you kill the spider, picked up (even a crippled spider can result in a positive identification). You can call the Four Corners Health Department at the numbers below to get the spider to the appropriate authorities for identification.

Control of spiders, like the brown recluse is best achieved by using multiple approaches including preventive measures such as the removal of the boxes and any other type of insect sticky traps and chemical treatment when necessary.

“Do not mess with brown recluse spiders,” says Lynda Ziege, Specialist Four Corners program in the Department of Health. “Get rid of areas that are full of clutter so there are fewer places for spiders to hide.” Ziege continues, “the disorder at least improve the effectiveness of chemical treatments.”

For more information contact Four Corners Health Department 362-2621, toll-free at 1-888-337-3573 or your County Extension Office

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