Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

October 29, 2011 by staff 

Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, If you were a fan of “Shrek” franchise or simply like to see all those fairy tales from the past made fun of, going from Thursday to see the production of Redwood High School’s “Spectaculathon the Brothers Grimm. ”

The options are met with the director Stacy Galvan and some of the student actors to ask about the work and favorite fairy tales. Here are their responses:

Question: How did you hear “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” and why did you choose the work for the production of autumn?

Answer: Two years ago we went to the Thespian Conference in Ontario and one student did a monologue in the series and made me laugh until I cried. Then I had a couple of students last year and again said that he had read the script. So I did. I fell in love with her. It is a very sarcastic humor is very similar to the mood of many of my students use regularly. It was written by someone [Don Zolidis] working with high school students, so it gets. I really wanted to see what was done in our area.

Question: Why do you believe the tales of the Brothers Grimm have been so popular for so many centuries?

Answer: classic fairy tales. Stories with morals. The stories were created for parents to give examples of why not go out or lost in the woods or hard work. People love that.

Question: Talk about your deal. Any outstanding artists can focus for us?
Answer: It is a single mold. We have many new students who have never performed at an earlier stage, and some that are old hat at this sort of thing. The show has two narrators, Kyle Peterson and Dryden, Lindsay, who are on stage most of the time. They keep the story goes and tries to connect the fairy tales together. There is much to memorize. Marly Carlisle has to make a scene in which all the characters from “Cinderella”, except for Cinderella. I do not want to give too much information, but the girl has to play at least six different characters interact with each other for about 20 minutes on stage. She does an amazing job. It is remarkable how a student can do a lot.

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Question: Who is the target of production? What age range is good for the show?

Answer: All ages will enjoy the show. No physical comedy for younger children, there are jokes and cheese fun for high school kids, and parents will love how classic stories are portrayed with such humor. The stories in the program are all the fairy tales we all know: “Snow White”, “Rapunzel,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “The Princess and the Frog,” “Cinderella.” The twist to all these fairy tales with humor involved makes it ideal for everyone. We’re doing a play dinner too. Bring the family, eat before the show and get reserved seats. That’s new.

Question: What is your favorite Grimm fairy tale and why?

Galvan: “The Princess and the Frog.” I feel that it is acceptance. We judge people so much in appearance, and hang with, and first impressions. The frog is an outcast in search of a friend. The princess did not want anything to do with him, just because it’s a frog. When he finally comes around, is a prince. When we are nice to people, no matter who they are, at times, get more out of what they do.

Celina Lim, senior, plays the witch, “I like them all. ‘Rapunzel’ is in my head, but that’s because I’m in that scene!”

Lindsay Dryden, the principal narrator, “‘Cinderella’, because who does not love a story of rags to riches?”

Chloe Huckabay, senior, Cinderella, ” Cinderella, ‘because my parents call me Chloebelly, like mice Cinderelly call. ”

Steven Braswell, senior manager of the stage: “The Three Little Pigs’ or. ‘Hansel and Gretel’ relationship with both food and the food is good.”

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