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November 3, 2011 by staff 

Brittany Norwood Trial, Brittany Norwood was convicted of first degree murder in the death of co-worker lululemon Jayna Murray on Wednesday night. Murray Norwood brutally murdered in the back of the store of yoga in March.

She sat impassively as the verdict was read by Judge Robert Greenberg.

Jurors were taken to the room after an hour of deliberations. Then the verdict of first degree murder, deciding that the death was premeditated Jayna Murray. Father Murray, David Murray, broke down in tears as the verdict was read.

“The last seven months have been very stressful. The last two weeks have been stressful, we are grateful to the jury,” said Murray.

A juror 9NewsNow said that “the overwhelming evidence that it was premeditated and wounds found on the body furious Jayna is” influenced the whole jury.

He said that although he did not come to any conclusion until the end of the test, each one on the jury there was a general consensus first-degree murder from the beginning.

“Today was very difficult,” he said. “His mother on the stand yesterday, it was mentally exhausting.”

Another juror (15-A), said he would say to the family of Murray on TV Wednesday night: “I am sorry for your loss.”

State’s Attorney John McCarthy said about the intensity of the defense of the jurors saying it was “a terrible case, difficult,” but he thought the judge was fair to both parties.

“Everyone I talked to spoke highly of Jayna Murray,” said McCarthy. ”

Defense attorney Douglas Wood, Norwood said he thought Britain has repented. He said it was a tough experience for Norwood. He would not discuss the motive behind attacking Murray Norwood.

He said he hoped to talk to the judge in the sentence in the hope of avoiding Norwood of life in prison without parole.

Wood also said the Norwood family was a “good family” and are upset. Norwood family has made it clear before the family will not talk to the media after the verdict.

Jayna Murray brother Hugh, her mother, Phyllis, and her father David all spoke at a news conference after the verdict announcement.

“We want the community to know, we want the world to know how strong a person she was,” said David Murray.

Murray also said that “a new normal will come with time”, but the family is relieved after the verdict.

He also thanked the media for their coverage and respect in the case, saying that members of the media had given “the necessary space, the necessary support – Thank you.”

“I do not want another victim,” said Phyllis Murray verdict on Britain Norwood.

In her closing argument, McCarthy entered the courtroom through the murder of Murray, from the time they entered the store lululemon for the final blow to the head that killed him.

“This murder began almost immediately after being lured back there,” said McCarthy.

The defense describes as delusional Britain Norwood, lost and disoriented. Wood said the lawyer had so many holes in her story and her actions were so inept that it could not be intentional, deliberate or premeditated. Refuting the allegation immediately.

Then, five alternate jurors were dismissed.

The judge then cleared the courtroom. The verdict must be unanimous among the 12 jurors.

The tension inside the dark Rockville courthouse was palpable as Norwood’s family and defense team waited outside the room. Jayna Murray family awaited word on the State Attorney’s office on the 5th floor.

Earlier, the State showed nine autopsy photos to jurors Wednesday. Silence fell over the room of Commissioner General of Health for the State of Maryland, Dr. Maria Rizo, was called to the stand. The closest relatives of the victim, Jayna Murray, departed at this time before the photos were displayed.

Dr. Rizo said a total of 37 photographs were taken at the time of autopsy of Murray. Due to the graphic nature of many of them, the Council agreed to show only nine of the jurors.

The Norwood accused Britain is facing first degree murder charges after Murray’s co-worker was found beaten to death in the back of the store lululemon Yoga Athletic on 11 March.

When police arrived March 12, Norwood was bound and suffering minor injuries. For one week, told police that she and Murray were attacked by two masked men who threatened to “cut her throat.”

Now, Jayna 331 tests of the injuries came to light as Dr. Rizo members walked the room through abrasions, bruises and deep cuts are in her body.

“I think she was alive for all of them,” said Rizo.

Rizo said Dr. Murray suffered defensive wounds 105, a total of 83 are in their arms. She said she also found bruises on her body indicated he had a pulse of blood at the time of the injuries took place.

“He had a pulse. He had a pulse of blood. Bleeding into the wounds. She was alive,” said Dr. Rizo.

The state had several weapons that were confiscated at the scene of crime, including a rope, a knife, a marketing tool, hammer and wrench. Dr. Rizo showed the jury how the patterns of bruises and cuts on Murray’s body matched different weapons.

Murray suffered 37 wounds cut into the back of the head. Which ultimately ended her life, says Dr. Ripple was a stab wound that affected her brain.

Norwood lawyers argue that she did not plan to assassinate Murray of the night. They say that when the two women began fighting, Norwood lost control and killed Murray.

The price difference would be first degree murder or second degree murder. A conviction for first degree murder carries life without parole. A second-degree conviction carries a maximum sentence of 30 years, with possibility of parole in 15 years.

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