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September 18, 2010 by Post Team 

Brittany Dailey, Tina Messmer-Hubbard looked across the fields at Lewis-Young Park to remember all the times she watched her son, Zac, play soccer.

She recalled the day with Louisburg Soccer Club over the height of his time with the program of Louisbourg high school soccer. Many memories were made during his years of football.

“When he was little, he always had a ball at his feet,” Tina recalled. “He played with different teams and the Prime Minister went to Europe with the legends of Kansas City. He played in the nationals in Kansas and throughout the Midwest. He loved the game.”
Although Zac is gone, those memories are still alive, and new ones have been created on Sunday for the first Zac Messmer 5-V-5 Memorial football tournament.

Almost one year to the day, Zac was killed in a train accident in Missouri. Zac’s family and friends are heart broken by the loss, and as time passed, Tina wanted to do something to honor the name of Zac.

Thus, with the help of a friend of Zac and longtime classmate at Louisburg High, Angie Noble, they decided to put on a football tournament to help raise funds for a scholarship in his name and also provide revenue for the Soccer Club of Louisbourg.

If anything, it’s just a way to get family and friends to remember Zac and what it means for them. It became even more.

After Angie put the invitation tournament on Facebook, 12 teams immediately signed the first week and few days later, the more kept coming.

A total of 16 teams were allowed to participate in the tournament, and Tina and Angie find themselves turning teams away because they could not respond to all games in one day.

“This is a tragic day, but something to do in memory of Zac,” said Angie. “There is no better way to celebrate the life of a footballer than to go out and play soccer. There’s actually a ton of people here who have never played football before, but it will be fun.

“It’s amazing what a community is a small town can do for you. It is overwhelming how much support you get, but it’s a beautiful thing.”

Many former classmates Zac were on hand to celebrate his life and remember their old friend. Zac Brown, a great friend of Mr. Messmer, since they were children, played football with him on the team to Kansas City and those of soccer with the Wildcats.

The two BIA went to Europe and attended a game at Manchester United, and they both loved the game. He could imagine no better way to remember his friend.

“It’s awesome,” Brown said. “I could not ask for better. It’s a great feeling. He took my head off (which happened a year ago), it’s great to see everyone back here.”

Lindsey Elliott and Brittany Dailey, members ‘Zac Ladies’ remember a slight soul who wanted nothing more than to see his friends agree.

“It was an extraordinary person,” said Lindsey. “It was so unique that it is difficult to describe. He always wanted everyone to be happy, and he wanted everyone to be happy with each other. ”

“Friends at any time some among us are fighting, which happened often, it is always the one that everyone got along,” said Brittany. “He loved football, so it’s obviously a good thing we do, and I know he is happy that this is happening now.”

Zac’s High School coach and friend, Ben-York was happy to see all his former players return. The former Wildcat gathered to remember the day Zac during dinner and sat and talked until dawn on Sunday morning.

“I just wanted to be a part of it, and I hope it proves to be a great memorial for Zac,” said York. “This is not about soccer, but it is more about everyone to see each other and have a good time.

“At this point I’m not thinking about the day he arrived, because it was a difficult year for everyone. For me the grief process happened when it happened, and to me this process is completed. Now it is a memorial and happy times to remember him and what he did. This is only part of the movement, and it’s fun to see all these children here and be part of it. ”

Tina and Angie have more plans for next year. They want to make a two-day event to 32 teams and ensure more friends Zac August can reach the bottom without having to miss school.

There is no stop Tina as she does her best to have the name of his son recalled. She knows she would not have done without people like Angie, who volunteered to officiate games, running concessions, and even set up tents, which were donated by AAA Rental in Louisburg.

“Zac loved Louisbourg,” Tina said with tears in his eyes. “He left to go play soccer at the university, but returned because he liked here.

“It’s a bit sad that he is not here, but having all his friends and their families by helping just a big help, and it is really reassuring for me to see.”

As the sun set over the first Memorial Tournament Zac Messmer, Tina looked across the fields at Lewis-Young, one last time with a smile on his face knowing the life and mind of her son.

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