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October 10, 2011 by staff 

Breaking Bad Face OffBreaking Bad Face Off, Breaking bad season finale of the four times when they resumed the previous episode left off. After a suspect Gus leaves his car, Walt going to remove the pump. Then Jesse meets and asks if there is any place where you can catch the drug lord.

It can be your home, laundry, restaurant or factory farm – which has cameras everywhere. Jesse is thinking, but are interrupted by a pair of detectives.

Jesse takes place in an interrogation room with the detectives wondering how he got the specific theory that he was poisoned by ricin Brock. Jesse refuses to say anything, and when it is clearly not going to get short-term demands to be taken to Saul as his lawyer.

The only problem is that Saul is a bit hard to find. Walt breaks into his office after Saul ignores Walt receptionist at the front door blows. Asks the receptionist was furious at a contact number for Saul, but she wants to 25,000 in return.

Walt began to return home to recover that money, but stops just before reaching the driveway. He suspects it will be an ambush, so that the rings of his neighbor and comes up with an excuse to make it check if the stove is on.

Like the neighbor enters the house with his spare key, two men out of the side door and leave. It is quite tense as Walt grows visibly concerned about the safety of his neighbor, but finally rings you back safe and sound.

Convinced that the house is clear, at least for the moment, Walt goes directly to the basement to collect the money, but drawn back to the two men with guns. Walt escapes through a vent without being seen.

Back in the interrogation room, Jesse prize not later than the detectives on the health of Brock. Saul makes his entrance and makes detectives of the license.

Speaking to Jesse one by one, Saul admits she can not get to Jesse as the FBI will soon appear. Besides, Jesse is much safer here especially after the men attempted to ambush Walt Gus at home. But Saul wants to know if anything could be used to clean up the mess …

Walt meets Saul, who tells him all about Hector and his absolute hatred of Gus. Walt realizes he can use the animosity between them at the same time, Hector into an ally.

Casa Tranquila Walt enters the nursing home, where Hector is. Hector is angry at the sight of him, but Walt says, “I know how bad I want you dead, but I’m willing to bet I know a man you hate most I’m offering you a chance. For revenge.”

Later Hector’s room, which rings its bell-shaped over a dozen times before a nurse enters. The nurse takes a board of letters, and it spells Hector “NEED DEA.”

In Schrader’s house, Marie and Walt Jr remain concerned about the safety of Walt. Hank, meanwhile, is looking at the pictures of the clothes when Hector Gomez says he is in the office of the DEA, who wants to talk to him.

Despite the insistence of all not to go, Hank is soon sitting in front of Hector. However, the frail and wheelchair-reveals not one thing, having the opportunity of a sling insults Hank some way.

As Hector leaves, Tyrus watching from afar. It becomes clear that Hector’s visit to the DEA was just a ploy to force a confrontation with Gus. Shot rings his boss to inform you that there may be a problem.

The prisoners’ Casa Tranquila enters and goes to the room of Hector. Hector can only sit, while Tyrus search space for cables, insects – anything like – with a device that beeps pretty fast but the cold (in contrast to Hector’s conservative use of the bell). Can not find anything, but Walt is almost tucked out of the room.

Meanwhile, Jesse is said to be free to go. One of the detectives told the tox screen came back. There was no ricin poisoning. Jesse is surprised and out of it is Andrea Brock ring to check. However, he is kidnapped and forced into a van for a couple of subordinates Gus.

Tyrus called Gus, saying he has Jesse and Hector’s room is clean. He suggests it might be better for him to meet Hector, but insists that Gus should be the one.

In Casa Tranquila, Gus and Tyrus find Hector in his room. As Tyre prepares a syringe that will kill the old man, Gus Hector punished for their lack of dignity: “What kind of man speaks to the DEA Nobody Nobody at all? ..”

Tyrus Gus hands of the syringe. As Gus moves to inject Hector, Hector face becomes a look of anger openly. Starts beeping repeatedly and urgently on his door, attached to pump Walt. Gus realizes too late what is happening, and the room is shattered.

After the explosion, Gus leaves the room, apparently unharmed. The camera, however, returns to half their face unfriendly, torn (which gives added meaning to the title of the episode). Gus is the tie and with dignity before falling to the ground dead. Walt hears about the incident in his car radio.

In SuperLab, Jesse is forced to cook. An armed thug is watching. But Walt, holding the second henchman at gunpoint to go down the elevator in the laboratory sessions of two men killed Gus without blinking. Walt and Jesse then burn the place and out of the laundry, apparently for the last time.

At the top of a parking lot, Jesse meets Walt. Brock says go ahead, despite hanging by a thread for a while. Jesse can not believe it was not ricin that health deteriorated Brock – instead it was harmful berries from a flower called lily of the valley.

Gus Brock never poisoned, but Walt Gus reassures Jesse had to go without taking into account before Jesse left to see Andrea. They shake hands, although the timing is a bit uncomfortable.

Walt is relieved that it’s over. Skyler He speaks on the phone asking if you’ve heard about Gus is dead. Walt responds cryptically you’re safe, leading his wife to suspect it had something to do with the explosion: “What happened?” Walt: “I won”. As Walt out of the parking that car drives past Gus.

The final scene of the season goes back to the terrace of the residence of the White. No one is there, but the camera zooms in on a potted plant, lily of the valleys. Walt poisoned Jesse Brock to get his side against Gus.

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