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Breaking Bad CranstonBreaking Bad Cranston, To borrow a title from the early episode of “Breaking Bad” season, Gus is cornered. The last time, the cartel rejected his attempt to break all ties. They want what you have, whether the prescription of ultra-pure blue or crystal meth Walter White himself.

Gus Hank drawbacks fingerprints “after a visit to Los Hermanos Chickens and links to the scene of the murder of Gale. This means that Walt and Hank are both targets of the same person. Jesse, whose new part time job will land in regulation with the chicken man’s face, the volunteers to make the kill, if it is the right time.

This brings us to “Brothers,” which is a pressure cooker, one of those-who-must-not-that-go see episodes. And with “Scarface” being released on Blu-ray in September just shy of its 30th anniversary 16 of the last 15 minutes feels like a kind of homage.

First, a retreat following the shootout between Hank and cousins?? Tuco. Gus is hidden from view in the hospital, and offering words of comfort rare Walt just before the death of the second brother. In the darkness of the nursing home where Hector “Uncle” Salamanca (Mark Margolis) resides, Gus updates the snot, the bell-dependent retirees mobster of his nephews and the recent murder of Juan Exchange.

“This is what comes from the blood by blood,” says Gus. Just before the opening titles, is seen a wave of blood, the diffusion through a jade-green pool.

While in remission, Walt leaves a personalizedanlysis of chemotherapy every few months. In the waiting room on this occasion is a family man companion’s fight against cancer and bereavement frustrated plans for a normal life. The guy is visibly altered compared to Walt that cynicism has been absorbed by the ego at this late stage of unprecedented evil.

Walt suddenly interrupts him to leave a message on the phone to Jesse want a progress report. Then he says he is in control until something goes wrong.

In light of the discovery of fingerprints, Gus is put into the police headquarters to meet with the tag team of Tim Roberts, Hank, Steve Gomez and Merkert. He calls every question out of the park, claiming Gale stopped by his restaurant to catch up one day and the night of his death, was in a hospital fundraiser, according to your daily schedule.

Gus says Gale supposed death was a random crime, not a drug-related homicide. Moreover, Gale needed money for one of the pyramid schemes, he says. Those with badges to buy the scroll, Hank do not. I’m surprised that Hank warned to refrain from a rogue vigilante Bender.

Meanwhile, Jesse plays generous benefactor, invisible to the recovering addict Andrea / mother of the cute guy with a cool name. Saul has left weekly checks – “as Ed McMahon” – for her and her son Brock into a new house in a relatively nice neighborhood. The name “Brock” is actually old English badger. Infer that the show is going to grow as Brandon Mayhew?

In the front of the White House, the packages of rubber bands Skyler in the fifties tight dry cleaning garment bags and hang in the closet only to have the bar come loose and fall throughout. No matter how hard you try, is not made for this racket. All right. Carmela was anxious for the fourth season, too.

When Hank asked about the case in a family dinner, which returns to his old self and button his lip. However, Hank is more willing than ever to discuss the case with Walt in private. He tricked driver to the restaurant instead of a gem and mineral show at the old fairgrounds in Albuquerque. Hank credits his brother in law – his next drunk, at least – for the inspiration to look beyond Gale as the end of the game.

“That was just speculation,” Walt insists.

Hank says she was surprised by how Gus had an alibi and an explanation for everything that went on his way. Something is not adding up. He wants to stay with cunning Walt a GPS tracking device in the car of Gus’, without a warrant. Since the results cannot be viewed live, the follower would have to be taken at a later date. At this point, Mike sees Walt raise a point away in his car.

In his work, Walt enters the restaurant and attempts to placate Gus, whose case is similar to answers a call back when Walt used to pretend was not talking to Pinkman by phone in the presence of Skyler. As Mike and see their cars Hank, Walt’s plan carried out, untied the laces and all, in a way that is anything but slick. Then Walt rushes to the lab to explain the situation to the camera.

Hank has no concrete evidence and is operating on pure conjecture, he says. But Walt also warns of a professional, courteous, that would only hurt Hank attract more heat from the feds.

“We have a common interest in resolving this without violence,” says Walt. “I’ll make you discover nothing.”

In Jesse platform, Walt spoke on behalf of the writers’ room when he says that the calendar has advanced. He wants a meeting with Gus immediately to the coup. Jesse is lying about not seeing Gus from the restaurant. Walt takes a look to your Jesse and knows he’s lying. Jesse asks the text, and kept silent. Walt was concerned that she can trust him, Jesse did not trust anyone, but at least has “Rage”.

Mike changes his position on the poster. First, it promotes the preparation for war with a larger staff of operators. But if the Mexicans make a move like Hank is watching, it could be a disaster, the figures. Thanks, Mike, for setting the rest of the season in a sentence.

Gus paid to the manager for the dumper, and visits the nursing home to provide an update of DEA and the ultimatum of the poster.

The show then takes us around the house in 1980′s Eladio Mexico. Gus and his partner Max, the assistant kitchen behind the new arrival, meet by the pool with the gift and its partners. We know that John Stock (Javier Grajeda, a former roommate Bryan Cranston!) As a member of a high-level cartel – Turtle man called “the boss” – who was shot by assailants invisible as Gus smiling on the phone listening to the “I See You”, the same incident referred to in the opening of this episode. We know Hector as the future leader of the cartel.

Eladio, played Steven Bauer, of course, makes your bones move products, as coke Colombia coca cannot grow in Mexico. Gus Gus and propose the train to get their own people for the manufacture of large quantities of high purity methamphetamine, which crystallizes as the glass in a laboratory-grade factory methods that could run on a minimum investment of capital.

Then, kneeling becomes rough. Gus resistance is met with harsh reception. Your free samples of methamphetamine to the employees of Don perceived treatment of their noses.

Max defends his friend with a whiny tirade, mistimed it beats a bullet in the head by erratic Hector. Gus’s life was saved, but is subject to look at your partner’s eyes go dull the edge of the pool, which was stained with urine and Hector.

The Don says Gus is able to live, but with a target printed on the back. “I know who you are. But understand. You’re not in Chile anymore.”

The retreat is part of a question. Gus asks if today is the day. Why? An apology for shooting his best friend? A truce on the border?

The old man responds with anything other than the nasal mucus.

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