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October 15, 2011 by staff 

Brandon MarshallBrandon Marshall, Brandon Marshall did not get a mulligan because of his mental illness.  As brave as wide receiver sounded Miami Dolphins in the summer when he spoke eloquently and emotionally of his struggles with borderline personality disorder, which now sounds like a typical egomaniac who can not bear going unnoticed.

It was this week pronounce nonsense outrageously stupid, and while reasonable people rolled their eyes because they have become accustomed to standing on a chair by Marshall and screaming for attention, this time his words are stretched beyond acceptable limits.

“My goal is to get sent off midway through the second quarter,” boasted Marshall, facing the game Monday night against the New York Jets. “I’m serious. I want it, the more likely it will be as one and a fine of 50,000. But I’m going to play. That quarter and a half I’m out there, I’m going to play as a monster.”

Four different Marshall sometimes linked with Florida reporters in his desire for an early kick a game the Dolphins desperately need to win if you want to crawl out from under a rock 0-4.

Suggested to play with their emotions under control had reduced its brilliance. As a team official tried desperately to stop filibuster of Marshall, the people who were there say that Marshall ignores the open mouth, like a sniper with a finger without constant output, continued to rant coolly, calmly.

“In the last four games, has been difficult for me to try to control some things. I’ll let it out. I do not care if you have two, three cameras on me, I do not care if I have sanctions. No matter. I will let all out, “he said.

“I am the best when emotional game, I feel better when I play with passion, and you will see that on Monday night. Do not know if it comes to launching a football 15 yards into the seats and get a 15 yards (penalty), or kicking the ball and being thrown out of play. However, something will happen. I probably cast after the second quarter. ”

To which Rex Ryan, coach of the New York Jets, he joked: “If you want to get kicked out of the game in the second quarter, I think it should.”

For a change, large amounts of hot air and shot from outside the compound of the Green Band. It is impossible to know where to look first on Monday night: in the Jets’ offensive disputes, broke even this week when the receiver Santonio Holmes returned to call the offensive line as the root of many problems in New York, or the Center Marshall while back in a Tasmanian Devil.

Long arm of the NFL does not extend to punish the players before the fact, no matter how clearly they announce their sinister intentions. So rather incoherent mouth Marshall has done two things: It is guaranteed that a target will come back on Monday as both the police and the league and the Jets eager expected to cause problems, and it has brought attention not want a team who prefer to go unnoticed until it can on its own.

There are plenty of reasons the Dolphins are still winless. They lost their quarterback of the season, his coach is inches away from being fired two reasons for not so insignificant players in limbo under the radar as they approach a key divisional game against a team deep in its own share of in-fighting.

But Marshall can not seem to tiptoe lightly around problems. In July it was revealed that he had been diagnosed with TB, saying it could explain why much of his life had been marked with a socially unacceptable behavior that occurs during a troubled childhood and eventually led to an internal struggle with fear of his wife. He said he was learning to manage the condition through changes in treatment, counseling and lifestyle, and people applauded the fair value of Marshall in dealing openly with a mental illness and its stigma.

“No way I’m cured or all fixed,” Marshall told the press conference touching, “but it’s like a light bulb has been turned into my darkroom.”

BPD is often characterized by strained relationships, low self-esteem and mood cycling. Is said to be more common than schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but difficult to diagnose and difficult to treat. Intensive Treatment Program at McLean Hospital Marshall of Boston, the training camp at the University of Harvard medical students, has cost over 60,000, and one of the reasons that made her story public. He said he wanted to be an advocate for better health care and coverage for patients with BPD.

The hope is that Marshall did not make use of psychological disorder as a crutch to explain his bad boy behavior or inflammatory words. Some sessions exhaustively in McLean allegedly taught his difficult process to take advantage of the emotions through activities such as health, tolerance and acceptance of radical distress.

Commissioning a detailed lecture before a group of reporters about how you will make chaos Monday night does not seem the way to the acceptance of a sound mind.

Marshall stood there and said, with the purpose “, which could enter a fight with Bart Scott,” and at some Jets linebacker hands began to shake and whispered, “I can not wait.”

Marshall continued, this time referring to a Jets cornerback: “(Antonio) Cromartie, we have matured a lot and our relationship grew a little. We used to fight in Denver and San Diego. If that happens, happens, so we’ll see. ”

Cromartie on Friday shrugged, noted that Marshall has been friends since high school and said, “I know what kind of person he is. I mean it’s in the lead. But I have to win a game before they can start talking. ”

No, Marshall did not get a pass of sympathy for their coping skills atrophy. He is a Pro Bowl player twice with 22 catches this season nascent, but it is also the third best in the league with five drops. Last September against the Jets, who exploded for 10 catches and 166 yards, and is probably a coincidence of Marshall votes before coming to Miami head Meadowlands, where dolphins are vilified almost as much as New England Patriots.

The Marshall around laughed at his speech, saying it is not possible could be serious. What you probably meant, but afraid to play with your mind, was this is the worst possible time for anyone in the silly dolphin.

Matt Moore, the backup quarterback, who will make his first night on Monday for the injured Chad Henne, said he did not know whether a more emotional Marshall would be a plus.

“Now it’s as if I were a doctor. Brandon has to be himself,” said Moore. “Everyone has to be themselves. He’ll be on the emotional level it needs to be to be in his prime. What do you think the answer?”

Tony Sparano, Dolphins coach trying to hold onto his job, he said, “Obviously, (Marshall) was a joke … 50 percent kidding. I know something about this man, he will not do anything to hurt this football team. I know people look up to him in that locker room. I’ve seen, when in reality is bigger than life around when he gets the ball in his hands and begins to roll.

“I waste my time with him and call him a werewolf when he receives the ball and starts running well. He can be that way. I think that’s the part of Brandon’s talking about. He wants to be more passionate with the ball in their hands. He wants to be more passionate about blocking and do everything necessary to help us win. ”

If that is indeed the case, all the power over Marshall. If all you do is pull your pants a glove fitting like a touchdown celebration, everyone can sigh and praise him for being so wonderfully creative. If the traps again double-digit catches, Moore and Marshall Sparano can thank for rejecting heat. But if he foolishly attracts penalties for throwing the ball to the band after a game, something that has already done it twice, can not complain that the arbitrators are paying attention unfair.

“I’ve been living in a bubble a bit, trying to control myself instead of me. You have to be able to turn the switch on and off,” said Marshall. “When you catch a ball, which could hit the head with a soccer ball. I could get into a shoving match with someone. I might have a penalty. But I’m going to play like I play.”

Yes that was specific about when and how it will be ejected from the game, which suggests the passion is not the only direction their brain waves. And forget werewolf: Marshall also told reporters that no longer wants to be known by his alter ego, The Beast.

“I consider myself a monster now. If you see an animal, you should run, because the beast is really scary,” he said. “I do not want to be that. Do you think that a” monster “, you know it’s like a little nightmare. You should be afraid, you should run, but at the end of the day will not hurt you. I consider myself a monster and I’m going to play that way on Monday night. ”

“I will play with much emotion, passion. I’m going to be that monster. Not the Beast. The Monster”.

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