Boxing Cotto Vs Mayorga

March 13, 2011 by staff 

Boxing Cotto Vs Mayorga, Fight tonight between Miguel Cotto (35-2, 28KOs) vs. Ricardo Mayorga (29-7-1, 23KOs) for figures of the WBA belt Junior Championship to be entertaining while ago. Both weighed 154 pounds.

Now people can say what they may want about Ricardo Mayorga, but one thing I do give him credit because he knows how to sell fights. Let’s be honest here. It is because of his trash talk that many people go to listen tonight to see Cotto knock him out and make it stop. Ricardo Mayorga has done the work that King and Arum could not do what is to promote the fight. Mayorga is what does best. He knows how to sell fights and he does it very well. Boxing needs fighters like Mayorga to run their mouth and hype the fight so more people can get into the sport. As far as we boxing fans do not like fighters who talk trash and do not know how to save, we get sucked into the entertainment aspect of the crazy rants Mayorga and wild predictions.

Tonight’s fight is a big fight for both boxers. For Miguel Cotto, a win and it happens to face Antonio Margarito. For Mayorga, a victory would allow him to jump into the draw Pacquaio but mostly gives him the confidence to fight against the 154-pound best fighters. Mayorga said that if he wins, he wants to face Pacquaio. I’m not sure that will happen, but it’s a good motivation. Can you imagine how the promotion of pre-fight would be if Pac beats Mayorga. What kind of things would come out the mouth Mayorga?

I expect Cotto to take a page from Trinidad and De La Hoya to fight Mayorga cons. Cotto strong jabs and left hook that will be key in the fight. If Cotto can box him inside and work the body, it has a chance to tire and stop Mayorga in the later rounds. For Mayorga, the only chance I see him winning the fight is by landing a wild punch lucky. Mayorga defense sucks. He is a fighter right. Mayorga is all offense and shots coming from all angles. If Mayorga is capable of fighting at a distance and unloading of these bombs, it will be interesting to see how Cotto absorbs punches.

One thing we must watch what would happen if Cotto is taken with a wild punch. How will react and bounce back from the punch. We know that Mayorga can take a punch and kicks. We do not know at this stage of his career if Cotto can do the same thing. Would it suffer from the syndrome of Margarito? Would he suddenly become a defensive fighter? We will be able to see an improvement Cotto based on how he handles adversity in the ring.

If Cotto is sticking to its plan and boxes inside the body works and then comes back with left hooks, I see Cotto defend his belt. If Cotto can get sucked into the fight and we will Mayorga Mayorga in the head then chances are that Mayorga could withdraw the incident. Mayorga has nothing to lose and much to gain. A victory gives him the spotlight. A loss would be catastrophic for Cotto and Cotto put in a state of depression. Cotto has a lot to lose in this fight. It is he who has the pressure on his shoulders. It is he who must execute and do what everyone expects him to do and that is go out there and knock out Mayorga in eight rounds. I expect a lot of fireworks in the first two rounds. Cotto needs to pull this off by round 7-8th. If Mayorga can land huge bombs in the early rounds and is slightly losing by a couple of points in the middle of the round, it can become very interesting. At this point, Mayorga has a chance of landing a wild punch lucky and knocks Cotto. In boxing, everything is possible. Let us be treated to a great fight, as long as it last.


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