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November 28, 2010 by staff 

Bowl Projections 2011, It is too early to say but we can imgine and we can say, bytheway this is Championship week in college football and this means that the BCS will reveal their final number soon. For fun, we made projections on the five BCS bowl games this year.

Although sports bettors in Paris online have not yet notified the chances of one of the bowl games, let us to make projections college football bowl anyway.

Rose Bowl: January 1, 2011

The Rose Bowl features the # 1 team in the Big Ten against the No. 1 team in the Pac-10, unless one of those teams playing for a national title. Seeing as how Oregon will play for the national title in 2011, they are outside. And it is shocking that Wisconsin has not won the Big Ten. Destroyed the Badgers Wildcats 70-23 in Week 13 and seem poised to Pasadena after laying a beatdown on several opponents in recent weeks. But who will they play? Well, BCS rules state that for games from January 2011 to 2014, the first year the Rose Bowl loses a team to the national championship game, the team will play non-AQ in Pasadena. And with Oregon scheduled for the title game, which leaves TCU as “non-AQ team.

BCS Rose Bowl Projection: TCU vs. Wisconsin

Fiesta Bowl: January 1, 2011

This projection is hard. We know that the winner of the Big 12 will be one of those teams, but Big 12 teams will they are? Removed from the Oklahoma State upset Oklahoma in week 12, but is not child’s play Nebraska. The Huskers were defeated by Texas AM & two weeks ago, but a quarter Taylor Martinez was injured early in the game and ineffective in the second half because of an ankle injury. If he is healthy enough to play in the Big 12 title game and Oklahoma will have its hands full on both sides of the ball. That said, we love the Sooners beat the Huskers at the end and face Stanford, which will not play in the Rose Bowl because BCS rules (see the Rose Bowl writeup above). If Stanford is ranked in the top 4, it gets an automatic bid to a BCS Bowl with LSU losing Arkansas last Saturday; we love the cardinal chances of being rated as high.

BCS Fiesta Bowl Projection: Oklahoma vs. Stanford

Orange Bowl: January 3, 2011

The ACC Champion will make a BCS team as a whole in this game and we are in favor of Virginia Tech in the State of Florida (the two teams that will play in the ACC title game next week). The Hokies are the only ACC team to zero losses and conference needs a pesky, but inconsistent team Seminoles. The Orange Bowl also gets the next selection after the Sugar Bowl, although they are not left with much choice. Stanford will be an option, but Connecticut is most logical geographically with the Orange Bowl is played in Miami, Florida. If you do not like confrontation, you can thank the Big East for his lousy season.

BCS Orange Bowl Projection: Virginia Tech vs. Connecticut

Sugar Bowl: January 4, 2011

SEC Champion gets the green light for the Sugar Bowl, but since Auburn (assuming Cam Newton and Co. can take care of South Carolina next week) will play in the title game, the Tigers are not directed by the New Orleans. Assuming that the Sugar Bowl wants another SEC team, Arkansas (who beat LSU last Saturday) is the most likely choice. The Razorbacks are 10-2 and will finish ranked in the top 10, they make more sense than the Gameccks, which we believe to be beaten by Auburn in the championship game of the SEC. The most likely choice in the broad sense is the State of Ohio, who won a share of the Big Ten, but will not be ranked higher than Wisconsin BCS top-25 and therefore will not play in the Rose Bowl.

BCS Sugar Bowl Projection: Arkansas vs. Ohio State

BCS National Championship Thurs: January, 10

This is probably the easiest game to project. Having beaten last week in Arizona, Oregon is expected to make the game title as the No. 1 team in the country. And thanks to a shocking return in Tuscaloosa last week against Alabama, Auburn would go beyond South Carolina in the championship game of the SEC and face the Ducks. If somehow the shock Gameccks Tigers, BCS will be turned on its head. You can bet that TCU wants to get the exact scenario.

Projected BCS National Championship: vs. Oregon Aurburn

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