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May 16, 2011 by USA Post 

Boston Rob SurvivorBoston Rob Survivor, Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano four seasons of Survivor, 117 days of play, and the search for 10 years to become the “Sole Survivor” have finally paid off.

The former Survivor: Marquesas, Survivor: All-Stars and Survivor: Heroes vs Villains wreck became the most experienced player in the history of Survivor to win, as he claimed Survivor: Redemption island and 1,000,000 grand prize during the party Live final broadcast Sunday night in New York.

“I’ve been here for 117 days, basically 10 years and beyond. I’ve been trying to climb this mountain and get to the top of it. It’s almost a third of my life, but surviving defines me? It’s been a huge part of my life. It was an important chapter in my life, and is a game that I love, but it is not, “the 35-year-old from Canton, MA, now resides in Pensacola, Florida, said during the game.

“At the end of the day, this is my wife and my son.’s why I’m here. I love this game, and finally, I wanted to win so that I can bring home something for a better future.”

Natalie hit Tenerelli Rob, a professional dancer of 19 years of age, of Acton, Calif., and Philip Sheppard, a technology executive 52 years old former federal agent in Santa Monica, California, in the vote on the final season jury, Survivor host Jeff Probst revealed live during the broadcast.

Rob won by a wide margin in the vote of the jury after Phillip received eight votes and received only one vote.

During the live show later meeting, Jeff also revealed that Rob had won an additional $ 100 billion and as the winner of Player of the Season “of home viewer voting season. Received 40% of the vote.

Survivor: Special Broadcast of the Redemption final two-hour island began the night of 35 in Isla de la Redemption. Grant, a yoga instructor 29-year-old former football player in the NFL in West Hollywood, CA, was surprised it was removed during the game XIV Tribal Council, but did not know for sure whom it was that turned to awaken him closed. However, it was not that upset about it and said it was “A-OK.”

Andrea, a 21-year-old, of Random Lake, Wisconsin, said he would not grant, above all, the remaining castaways to get to Isla de la Redemption, because I knew I’d be in trouble facing off against three tough guys in the next four mourning. Once arrived, he knew he would be the “loser” and would have to step up their game.

Meanwhile, in the camp Murlonio with the remaining five former members of Ometepe – Grant, Philip, Natalie, Ashley Underwood, a nurse of 25 years old and a former Miss Maine, USA Benton, ME, and Rob – who return from the previous Tribal Council where Grant was surprised.

Rob said that he missed his friend Grant and admitted he “had a heart in place” despite the fact that Grant began toppling. I only knew Grant was a major threat, and then said Ashley had to be the next to go though that someone would return the Redemption Island soon.

On day 36, the four castaways on the island of Redemption – Grant, Andrea, Matt Elrod, a 22-year-old pre-medicine in Nashville, TN, and Chiesl Mike, a former 31-year-old U.S. Navy Del Mar, CA – received tree mail announcing the news of his final duel.

Matt – that was initially sent to the island during the Redemption second episode of the season, only to return to the place of exile after he was originally voted out and betrayed again by their own ancient tribe of Ometepe in the eighth Council Tribal season – said he became at peace with the Redemption Island and learned to love the place. He said it was a life changing experience.

Matt had previously won the right to re-enter the game by beating Sarita White in a duel after spending 15 days on the island and the Redemption and winning six consecutive games. On his return to the Isle of Redemption, Matt later participated in duels seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth game and also survived the four.

Mike said Redemption ending Island was a bittersweet moment for him.

“Redemption Purgatory Island is coming to an end,” said Mike.

Matt then took the castaways in a prayer before the match and then noted that he spent 29 days in the Isle of Redemption, was allowed only seven actual days in the game, and was now in its eleventh part bereavement.

Then Matt, Mike, Andrea, and Grant arrived at the eleventh game duel arena, where all former members of Ometepe also came to attend and watch the battle of four.

Jeff then explained the rules and the castaways learned that would be necessary to set foot on one end of a balance board, while a ceramic vase balanced lied at the other end of the table. Once your glasses down, he would be out of the challenge.

The winner would meet with survivors left in the game and again as a survivor: a million dollars Island Redemption prize, while three people to lose the match automatically become members of the fifth, sixth and seventh Game of the jury that will determine Redemption Island Survivor winner.

Mike, Matt, Andrea Grant and then turned in the match and they all lasted the first 40 minutes. Grant was the first to lose his balance and fell and smashed glass on the floor. Matt and Mike followed him. Andrea went on to win the match, beating three men strong and determined.

One by one, Grant, Matt and Mike threw his fans into the fire and left the game.

“I was a little short for the day 39, but you know what? There are gifts out here and in any experience, if your eyes are open, you can see. I feel I’ve achieved that. I’m proud of the work I’ve done me, and I’m proud of the fact that I got to see those things. Mission accomplished, “said Grant after his overthrow.

“In 36 days in the game and 29 days in the Redemption, Isla, God was with me every step of the way and I think his will be done eventually. I praise your name just to let me be a vessel for him. This has been my reward for all the strife and conflict all of which have happened, “explains Matt.

“Today’s result was not what I wanted. I wanted back in the game and try to be the only survivor, but not going to be and that’s fine,” said Mike.

Andrea then asked if he was part of the quartet would face back in the game, and she actually said. She admitted that she would do well in the challenges ahead and knew there was more likely have to fend for it.

“I really need to test myself, and I have to do good to those challenges. I mean, obviously, I have yet to try to work the strategy and know what is going on, but now I feel like a very individual game, “Andrea said after his victory.

After the match, Rob said he would vote for Ashley before Andrea, who was his original plan before Ashley had won the individual immunity before the fourteenth session of the Tribal Council set.

On day 36, Andrea realized that former members of Ometepe were not very happy to see her.

“I was not entirely welcome, but again I was eliminated, so why me?” I have to try everything, because if I’m feeling again, I’ll be the next to go, “said Andrea.

Andrea then spoke with the girls and told the guys in the Redemption, the island were thinking of voting for Felipe, including Mike and Ralph.

Ashley, Andrea taking advice into account, Natalia told she could not trust Rob as much as she thought. Andrea Ashley explained that Rob probably would not trust again, that was reason enough to believe she could have joined forces with Ashley and Natalie from the vote to Rob for his own good.

Natalie was not sure what she wanted and put it out of Ashley says they think and talk later.

Meanwhile, Bob Ashley confessed that she was driving “nuts.” Natalia recognized as a sweet girl, young and said he hated to see Ashley attempts to corrupt it.

“I can not wait to vote for his ass. It’s been 39 days. My patience is wearing out and eventually will be much sweeter,” said Rob Ashley.

On day 37, the tribe came to the Challenge Murlonio immunity and met Jeff, who explained the rules about what would be his fifteenth challenge of immunity and the eighth person immunity challenge.

Each castaway was instructed to race through a balance beam a few times, a compilation of a series of bags with numbered tickets every time, but if you fall off the beam, they would have to go back and start the race again. Then it would be necessary to place the pictures in order of 1-100.

Ashley ended up winning immunity for the second time in a row, which guarantees safety for the removal at a later meeting of the Tribal Council. I knew it was a very important, as the castaway voted not to go to the Isle of redemption, but rather become the eighth member of the jury.

“I’m kind of at a loss for words. That was a big one, and I’m excited, Jeff,” Ashley said after winning.

Andrea felt that she was in the pit, but said it was an opportunity for girls to join and vote for Rob, because he did not win immunity. She said she hoped he would realize the possibility of forward and act accordingly.

After the Immunity Challenge, the survivors returned to camp and Ashley was very happy with his victory.

Rob, knowing he could not vote for Ashley, Andrea said it would definitely be the next player to follow. He said he had a good relationship with the former members of Zapatero and worked hard in camp. Said it made sense to vote before the end.

Rob also still clung to his hidden immunity idol that he had discovered and kept secret earlier in the game. He acknowledged that the next Tribal Council would be the last time you could play the idol, but with confidence, said he did not even need.

Although Ashley won immunity, still worried about his place in the game because she knew that Natalie and Rob were so close. Natalia Ashley made her promise to her 100% percent vote for it instead of the next Phillip. Natalie agreement because it had formed a close friendship with Ashley during the game.

Phillip supervised the girls talking about and started to worry about what they were discussing. He went to Rob and told him what happened, because it “gave a report.” Rob Philip told the girls were talking for about 10-15 minutes.

“There is confusion going on right now and I do not know why,” said Rob.

Andrea tried to influence the mind of Ashley and Natalie again, as she insisted that makes much more sense to vote for Felipe or Rob instead of her. She said that everyone on the island of Redemption by Rob Phillip vote or if you made the jury’s final vote. Natalia realized that if it was against Rob in the end, or anything else that probably would not win.

Rob was very happy with how he was playing his game and said he could predict what the members of his tribe mates were going to say and do before they actually did.

“You can still make this vote. Do not even need the idol, whenever I Natalie. I could take home as a souvenir too. What I can say? I like to play. God, I’m sick I’m so tired!” Rob expressed by Tribal Council.

That night, Survivor: Redemption island castaways reached its eighth Murlonio Tribal Council as a merged tribe and the general fifteenth season of the Tribal Council.

The jury – composed by David Murphy, Julia Wolfe, Steve Wright, Ralph Kiser, Grant, Matt and Mike – came and saw Rob, Phillip, Ashley, and Natalie discuss the current situation in hand.

Rob told Jeff asked Philip to keep your eyes and ears open for him and the girls knew how much of a threat posed by Rob.

“The Boston Rob. Who would not want to take him out?” Ashley said.

Andrea then intervened and said girls need to make a strategic move to win and win some aspect of the jury. Later, Rob gave his two cents on Andrea, saying she also served as a major threat and no one would be sitting beside him in the end.

Jeff revealed before the vote, announced that if anyone wanted to play his hidden Immunity Idol, it was time to do so. Rob, as a result, playing his idol in case.

“My mother always told me better safe than sorry,” said Rob.

Jeff then showed the vote and four castaways voted to expel Andrea Survivor: Redemption island, while Andrea voted for Rob. Andrea torch was then extinguished and left the party to become the eighth member of the jury.

“Andrea, once again, the tribe has spoken. It’s time to leave,” said Jeff.

“Very well,” said Andrea.

On the night of 37, the Final Four – Rob, Ashley, Natalie, and Phillip – returned from Tribal Council after voting to Andrea and Felipe said he knew Rob had hidden immunity idol, but he had suspected all along. Phillip admitted Rob also played the idol.

Ashley was a little upset that Andrea tried to make it appear as if Ashley and Natalie had done very little playing strategy game along time on the island when she said she had to earn the respect of the jury. However, Ashley bragged that she was still in the game and Andrea was not, so “has the last word.”

Rob explained that he was going to be with Ashley and Natalie in the last three when it came to girls talking. Happily agreed, as Rob said it would take until the end.

On day 38, the rest of the shipwrecked survivors arrived Murlonio: Desaf? O final redemption immunity Island and met with Jeff, who explained the rules about what would be his ninth sixteenth individual Immunity Challenge and Immunity Challenge.

The castaways learned that would have to race through a giant maze to find and collect four bags of puzzles. They then race to the top of a landing and the use of parts in stock to settle a four-word phrase.

The first person to discover the sentence, the word would win individual immunity and is guaranteed a spot in the final Tribal Council, while the person to get voted out in the fall session a day before being able to present his case before the jury and attempt to win the million and a grand prize.

Rob got to the top of the first landing, and was followed closely behind Ashley. While the two were trying to solve puzzles, Rob asked if it contained anything Ashley for help. Ashley refused to give the two words she had discovered, but Rob Ashley not give any clue about the word that he had discovered.

After resolving their own individual puzzles, Rob won immunity and was safe at the last session of the Tribal Council.

“It was [Rob's wife and former Survivor castaway and the winner Amber Brkich] who encouraged me to go back and try again. She believed in me. It is because of it. No matter what happens now, I’m fine with it although I did not ‘t win – which is ironic, because the only reason I ever wanted to come back and play again was to win – but I feel that the best we could, “explained Rob.

“But I have not finished yet. Firstly, I have to figure out which of the other three idiots to send home tonight, and then I’m going to convince people sitting on the jury to give me a million dollars after my wife has already won once. ”

On Day 38, Rob said his strategy was to make Ashley and Phillip both feel they are going to stay in the game and be safe. However, he knew that if I wanted to get rid of Ashley next to board would have Natalie with him that “it will take some work, as the two girls had become best friends.

Rob Ashley told not to sweat, and Ashley knew that his relationship with Natalie was so strong that he thought Natalia told him that if something was to happen to their position to the detriment of the game. Natalia Ashley had promised to tell if he heard anything, and Natalie felt good about voting for Phillip.

Rob told Philip that Philip thought Ashley would be the next castaway voted out. He also knew he had to convince Natalie to have his hand because he said that Ashley had come too close to many members of Zapatero. He worried about Ashley’s relationship formed with other back to haunt him.

“We have to vote out Ashley. She had friends too fukin ‘on the jury. I told you to take you to the end, and this has to happen … you can do. I know I can,” Rob said Natalie.

Natalie said it would be “very difficult” because Ashley trusted her and bonded throughout the game.

“I came here to make friends, but I did,” said Natalie. “Rob has been watching my back since day one. But now, I have to look out for me, and I would rather lose this game lost a friend in Ashley.”

That night, Survivor: Redemption island castaways reached its ninth Murlonio Tribal Council as a merged tribe and the general sixteenth season Tribal Council – the penultimate session of the Tribal Council.

Natalie, Julie, Steve, Ralph, Grant, Matt, Mike, and Andrea came as jurors to see.

Ashley said he knew he had to win the last individual Immunity Challenge and was “very disappointing” that he did not.

Rob said he wanted to sit next to people he knew he could win against the end. He said he was there before and did not work, but could only do what he could do.

Natalie said belonged to them in the final and Rob wanted to take her to the end. However, Ashley said a similar case and suggested that Rob had remained loyal to the end and could be thrown into the bus several times, but never did.

When asked about Jeff, Ashley then also admitted that she felt she would probably win against Phillip and Natalie if to make the last three with them.

Jeff then revealed the votes and three castaways voted to oust Ashley Survivor: Isla de la Redemption, while Ashley voted for Felipe. In the end, Rob and Natalia heard Ashley voted in the command.

Ashley was completely surprised, her torch was extinguished, and she became the ninth and final member of the jury.

“I honestly do not know who was going home. I was probably an idiot to think that because I was the biggest threat that Rob could have led to the last three. As much as I’d be sitting there in the last three, I have nothing to hang your head about, and I’m proud of how the rules of the game. I would not change anything, “Ashley said after his departure.

Day 39, Phillip discussed a vision he had about him taking to the end and was so grateful for the ride of your life in the survivor.

“I learned that I can take the good, the bad and different,” said Felipe, who added that needed to put some salt in the wound so that people do not forget why it was so long and why the jury members did not in comparison.

The final three then enjoyed a great breakfast.

Natalie said she overcame the sadness, doubts and fears about competition in the survivor, and would be motivated to return to the world and do things she was never able to do before.

Rob said he spent 117 days total playing Survivor in the past 10 years, and after spending 39 days in Nicaragua Survivor: Island of the Redemption, which was overwhelmed. I knew I was one step from the top and just wanted to get. Natalie Rob was giving instructions on how to address the jury and handle the final Tribal Council, but their intentions were in fact an indirect way to teach what not to do.

Phillip then burned his infamous “plum” underwear in an event of the ceremony-like.

“Like all good things, some things must come to an end,” said Phillip.

Rob, Phillip and Natalie then reached its final session of the Tribal Council, which was the seventeenth season Tribal Council. The nine jurors entered, including Ashley, and Jeff explained that Natalie, Rob and Phillip everyone to be able to make an opening statement and plead their case before the jurors would have the opportunity to ask a question or make a statement of its own.

The Tribal Council then commenced and the three remaining castaways said their opening statements, followed by questions from the jury to shoot them.

Natalie told the jury that she did 39 days with their main forces are social skills. She said that allied with Rob from the beginning, bears with him and remained loyal, and he deserved to be there and become the youngest winner of the women survivors of the history of the series.

Philip explained that implemented the idea of?? Ometepe join forces to push for the extinction of Zapatero. He said it was ultimately thank for initiating a strong permanent alliance of Ometepe, but Rob continued through it. He also suggested that he had maintained loyalty to Rob.

Rob then addressed much longer and discussed how he had won four individual immunity challenges, strategic alliances were formed and sub-regional partnerships throughout the game, was a hard worker around the country life, and waited 10 years and was a become a champion of survival. He also said he wanted to make a better life for his wife and children.

Andrea asked Philip, who was in reality. Felipe said he knew his true because I was on the outside of Ometepe, most of the time. Natalie told Andrea that stuck to Rob because she needed his help because of their lack of experience and knowledge.

Ashley asked Natalie why did the gesture when the people vote out. Natalie Ashley told it was a game and she was a big threat. Rob Ashley told him she did not want to know who he really was because he had betrayed many people.

Rob Grant said he valued the alliance and trust, but did not want to go against him in the end, and Grant apparently understood and accepted his explanation.

Rob asked Matt where the line was produced because lied so much and spent so much time in the game. Rob said it was necessary to play the game as he did. Rob explained that it was important that all members of their alliance Ometepe think it could reach the final with him, but would be completely impossible to please everyone.

Julie told the last three that neither parent would be proud of the way we played the game, and she felt that nobody plays with any respect. She also called Natalie a “servant” of Rob.

David addressed the jury, not the end of three in favor of Rob. Rob said he played the best strategic game survivor had ever seen, and there must be another option when voting for the winner. Philip said to be totally favorable, while Natalie just survived long ride on the back of Rob to the end.

David told the jury that everyone’s thoughts and actions controlled Rob, surprised every one, and although his game was a little misleading, it was “brilliant.”

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