Bleach Episode 308

February 8, 2011 by Post Team 

Bleach Episode 308, Gin remembers his past and the fateful events that led him to become a Shinigami serving under Aizen. Meanwhile, Aizen overwhelming forces of spiritual pressure Tatsuki, Keigo and others fall helplessly on the ground when Ichigo finally arrived after completing his training. Bleach has been something of an unusual twist in the previous episode where Gin finally go after Aizen Aizen when he least expected after Gin said he had dealt with Rangiku. With gin used with Aizen so long on a lot of pain and hardship on others through various encounters and battles, having him make his move as it was not exactly a huge surprise when it is happened, but it was not a t that I was sure they do. After missing most of the episodes between where DVDs are and where I took simulcasting, it is difficult to say exactly how many were clear motivations Gin as he makes his move against the man he took side for so long.

Because the fate that Gin is currently suffering as we see him Aizen tears fairly easily, since Hogyoku is so intimately associated with Aizen, that means we get a good flashback material. The relationship between Gin and Rangiku is one that definitely falls into the realm of tragedy and bringing an end in front of it is certainly a rough time. Fortunately, what we avoid is a complete episode on the history of Gin, which is not entirely bad, but would slow things down as Ichigo arrives on the scene a few moments to do anything about it too late, to do anything about it. But with Rangiku not be strong enough to face Aizen, it can pin its hopes for some form of revenge and justice on his face Aizen.

The match between these two has certainly been built in this particular arc, delays and all, especially with Ichigo through all his training between worlds. What he learned there certainly give it a different feeling now that he is in the world of the living, because even her sister can say that there is a clear difference between the two as breathing Aizen incredible spiritual pressure while Ichigo is apparently no, you convert it to another form in his body. Ichigo portrayed as having so calm and in control, impassive, is certainly a good way to handle it was either previously frozen by fear or running around like crazy with emotion. With much of what Ichigo went through being a part of the forced evolution of Aizen for him, it is difficult to say how this will play out in full, but it’s not something that ends quickly, if properly.

Events in Bleach move a little faster than planned because I really thought Ichigo would spend more time between the formations of worlds, even if he has mastered things. I thought there would more time with Gin try to carry out his plan and Aizen causing more immediate damage to the living world with its capabilities. With everything going on today, it will be interesting to see how long it takes to play and to what extent will stop Aizen Ichigo, or compel him to change even more for his own plans. Gin participation in this episode is surprisingly low, especially since I would have liked it, but the absence of a flashback episode full of events and his life is certainly a positive factor for the show so he can maintain a good flow certainly a positive effect.


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