Bleach Episode 289

September 21, 2010 by Post Team 

Bleach Episode 289, Yammy I can understand that it feels like this fight and seems to go forever, and I’ve only been watching the simulcast of a few episodes.

What they say
As head of a dying Hiyori, an enraged Hirako prepares to face Aizen in battle. Meanwhile, Hisagi, and Komamura Tosen in a desperate battle for their former ally back to his senses. But Tosen, who believes that is a right way, ignored her pleas and attacks.

The Review!
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Bleach has been operating with a rather uneven style of narration for a while so it’s no wonder that we are back again several different battles going on here. On the positive side, if you is not one of them there is another waiting in the wings that you can enjoy. The disadvantage is that when they get to one you like, can not last that long. While I’m certainly tired of fighting Yammy, is one which is undoubtedly the most attractive of the struggles happening, since it has two very strong characters who both wish to go against someone who only increasingly larger and more powerful. It is a power base against the party of power that is attractive, especially as there is no collateral damage was fighting in an empty desert.

When it comes fighting Aizen, I am sure that much unless they were granted since has not entered into the current continuity of the series a few episodes ago. Aizen Seeing him disappear again after a couple hundred episodes ago is somewhat disappointing, though not entirely unexpected. The fight with him and those who oppose him with the Soul Society captains facing a number has a nice sense of danger for him, and much destruction in the city in which they fight, but lacks a real connection for me actually involve unfortunately. In a way, all the fight is basically a game of exploitation that are waiting to return Ichigo as he is the only one who can really take down Aizen in this phase.

There is some good material to be had here, as we see the captains who have a history with Aizen and I can not believe how it has changed, or have been in his eyes, but this is how Tosen has changed, so that pushes some them to a real despair. That shared past and see someone who struggled with confidence and change like this is overwhelming for them, but we can also affect them all there to fight. But the whole concept feels like a throwaway plot instead of something larger than anticipated. As Bleach continues, jumping this far as I have done since the DVD’s are still not seem a realistic goal for the series that stands out. No unifying concept to visit when Ichigo goes with this life that is rare. It is hard not to contrast this installment of One Piece which is developing a massive vision and feel disappointed that Bleach has not been able to really put things in a similar fashion on a large scale to be truly epic.

In summary:
I’m still amused by the number of people frustrated by flashbacks of the show when a basic long career shonen shows. With so many characters that populate the show and so many stories intertwined with each other, as each new arc begins, these elements are always there for pulling together. Whether good or not is another story, because many times are quite short and designed to highlight only one particular piece is needed here, which is more evident with bleach. This is a series that I’m almost afraid to seek a flow chart to see how everything comes together, and you can only imagine that is a huge complicated mess that can not hold together well. Bleach is a show with a great turnout and great potential, but still feeling down in general.

Japanese Language 2.0, English Subtitles

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