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June 7, 2011 by staff 

Bio Station AlphaBio Station Alpha, David Martinez, an amateur astronomer, was to explore the red planet from your armchair via Google Mars when he found a strange anomaly that area the nickname “Biostation A.”

In a YouTube video, Martinez gives the coordinates of 71 49’19 .73 “N 29 33’06 .53″ W, and described as a white cylindrical object over 700 feet long and 150 feet.

Will share their thoughts about what the object could be “a biological containment, a power plant, or just a” glorified garage. ”

Martines seems sure he has a purpose. “Hope is not a weapon,” he adds.

However, it seems that Biostation A is probably not a sign of life on Mars, planetary geologist Alfred McEwen of the University of Arizona.

“It seems that a linear streak artifact caused by a cosmic ray,” said McEwen Little Life Mysteries.

Cosmic rays are high-energy subatomic particles from outer space that usually do not reach Earth because of its magnetosphere.

“But with satellite pictures taken outside of our magnetosphere, such as those taken by telescopes in orbit, which is very common to see these shots of cosmic rays,” said McEwen. “They are seen in optical images and a lot of the infrared images as well,”

McEwen explained that the original image, pre-compressed have shown a “gust of cosmic rays, which leads to a pixelated look after compression, image building, in this case, it seems that is made of cylinders.

“I can not tell if this picture was taken by the Viking or what,” said McEwen.
“The people of Google need to document what the hell they are doing. Must be able to identify what the source of your information and let people know what can go back and see the raw data.”

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